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  That is very helpful, I appreciate it. Thank you!     Ball of the foot is about 1/3 of an inch short of the widest part. I know for sure I'll be going with an E width, I might just play it safe with 11 and go from there.
  The ones in the pics are already 11 though, how much of a different in length will going down to E from 3E be?   Kiwi will do just fine.
Exchanging these for the 2nd time, what do you guys think? Wish I could try these in person.   First pair was 11.5D, too long and tight. Measured 11D on the fit guide, don't know why I went 11.5. These are 11 3E, still too long and a they feel overly wide. My next choices are either 10.5 E or 3E,   To those of you with multiple pairs in the 5 Last, how's the fit between them and Strands?   Thoughts? Here are some pics.   Pushing forward all I can, I...
Does anyone know if there's an upcoming sale on shoe tree or should I just grab AE's at $20?
  Mine are 2 years old, maybe they're longer now? Website says 33-34 for M, which sounds about right since I'm normally 35/36.
The PRL Custom Fit shirts in M fit me perfectly otr except the sleeves are about 1.5/2 inches too short (6'1). Anyone know of any alternatives?
Clearance on polishes/some laces. Pretty good deals for 50 cents/a dollar.
How's the fit on theset? They are 11 3E, 11.5 D were too long and narrow, AE suggested these.     They still feel too long (I can fit 3 fingers in the heel, picture for reference, that's where my big toe ends) and a tad wide, should I try 10.5 3E? (International customer, can't just try them on at a store).       
An AE representative suggested I try EEE for width, but said nothing about Length. Should I stay at 11.5 or go down to 11? I have a feeling I can get away downsizing but I really have no idea.
Hello! Been lurking for a bit, I'm in need of help.   Long story short: Bought AE Strands from Nordstrom, AE fit guide gave me 11 W8, went with 11.5 D. They are too tight. Wore them 3 times hoping they'd stretch enough, but I actually got a blister on my pinky. outside of the US so can't try them on at a store.   Pictures for reference.   What size should I be going for? I'm thinking 11.5 EE. Is the point where my toe ends normal? Should I go down to 11? Think I got a...
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