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  Yes, they do - at least in this case. LS just put the value of the package on the outside, but no invoice. Unfortunately this does not suffice for customs over here, so they make you pick up the pair personally with a copy of the invoice. After the package has 'cleared' customs at the airport, it will be delivered to a customs office close to where you live. They will then send you a notification that the package is waiting for you, and that you have to present an...
  Thanks. Few things beat a casual pair of Alden Boots with some nice selvedge denim IMHO .     Thank you uncle.
Gents,   been to Anatomica Tokyo last week and they had a beautiful pair of shell boots - unfortunately not in my size. Will travel to Anatomica Paris next week and see if they have some nice makeups in my size (the website is kind of a nightmare regarding their stock). Nevertheless, I had a nice package from LS waiting for me at customs here in Germany (excellent costumer service btw - especially considering the oversea-shipping to Europe). Day one of breaking...
Thanks for the hint. I sent my mail to the GM at LSW hoping to get a reply soon (or at least before they run out of the shoe I am looking for in my size ).   Cheers
    Thanks for the info. I guessed that they might get quite a few mails, however since they explicitly put on their website to contact them via mail for stock inquiries and orders, I thought it might be the best way. Besides, I am living in Europe and the time difference is about 11 hrs at the moment, so a mail is much more convenient for me. Well, I will try to call them tomorrow, hoping that they ship internationally and still have a pair in my size left . If not......
Gentlemen, asking for your advice...   Has anyone of you experience how long it usually takes Leather Soul to answer to emails (to their info@... address)? I sent them a message about two days ago and haven't heard anything yet. By now I think my mail might have been marked as spam by their system as I put a link (to a pair of shoes on their website) in it, and some systems tend to filter out mails with links from unknown senders as spam. I am thinking now about...
  Really nice pair of Indys. Looking for one of those for myself in my size, unfortunately haven't had any luck. I think I fell in love with cxl, constantly looking for new pairs .   P.S. Like your Momos 
Great thing the J. Crew promo code works for Alden Shoes . Too bad J. Crew won't ship Aldens internationally  - thought I could order a nice pair of suede Chukkas.   Guess I'll have to pay full price when my travels take me to NYC in January.   But I am happy for you guys in the US! 
VIE. Flight to FRA tomorrow afternoon.
Gents,   after having the pair sitting in the box for the last couple of weeks (been a bit busy at work, just wore them a couple of minutes to check the correct size), I finally found the time to show them som love and give them an 'initial treatment' to prepare them for their maiden voyage tomorrow - can't wait .       And in case someone wonders... that's a pair of Indy Boots in the background waiting for their treatment .   Have a great weekend!
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