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        Grabbed my suit this week from Jason: thoughts? (I may need a better dress shirt)
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This topic is great!  As someone who is a novice at these things, material seems to be something that I haven't quite figured out yet.  34s are a nuisance to find, but boys 18 or 20 are easier to find.  Ralph Lauren claims that the same wool fabric is used for both of these suits, while Brooks Brothers says they're using different.   How steep is the drop off in quality from men's and boys generally?  And in terms of cut, it sounds like most boys sizes are more boxy,...
Thanks for the responses.  This helps a lot, but I forgot to mention, and maybe this is important or maybe this isn't.  There may be a standard arm sleeve length for people, but does that vary on the basis of height?  I'm of the shorter variety (5'2), so the peacoat doesn't look too big or bulky on me, what would be the appropiate sleeve length?        
I'm sure this question has been answered before but I don't want to go digging through all the pages for the answer.  In a modern/slim cut of a peacoat, how long should the sleeve lengths be?  At my wrist?  Half an inch over, an inch over (thumb)?  It's a new peacoat, so should I take into consideration shrinkage from the dry cleaners?
Found a peacoat.  I'm a little bit on the short side, so it's been hard tracking down a good one.  Sleeves will definitely need to be tailored so they aren't so long.  I have never worn a peacoat before.  How tight should they be?          
I'm 5'2, 120 pounds.  Looking for a nice grey peacoat.  Any suggestions where to look? College student budget! 
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