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Whats the conventional wisdom on this? I've never seen it done but i think it would look...ok?
11.5D brown park avenue price please
Wow sorry for kicking off a flame war, next time I will begin with something less provactive than button holes. Thanks I'll message jesse.
Is this common?  I had a tailor take a new suit (Benjamin from eHaberdasher) and hem it to me.  When it came time to implement the functional buttons he looked at me like i was crazy, said in 30 years he'd never been asked to do that, and said that the machine that it would take to create the button holes alone was not something tailors usually had on site.   So...is this common?  Does anyone know a tailor in SoCal who would be up to the task?
I snorted my coffee.
Crushing it, in my opinion.  The ink/beard is offset really well with dress shirt and belt.  I hope that you rock this socially as much as at work.  Not crazy about the hem of the pants though.
Still looking, I think you're referring to the 2 button version of this by Versace:
looking for a deconstructed black blazer thing to beat up in bars and clubs.  Maybe plain maybe with some novelty details.  Searched archives but couldn't find nuffin'.   Will wear with a white shirt and dark jeans, cheap sunglasses at night, narrow tie that I will lose before the end of teh night, etc.  Slim cut, my style is somewhat Paul Weller inspired.   Looking at sub $500.
If this isn't the right place for this I apologize, I"m new.  I couldn't find anything in the archives that answered the mail on this.   Looking for a recommendation for someone in Palm Springs or w/i 50 miles that has a good eye to work on RTW suits.  I'm going to probably order 3 suits from ehabadasher and would like to have them finished here in Cali.   Thanks
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