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Actually I was torn between that and the cardinal red varsity. Decided on the red cause it seemed a bit more versatile to me. However, I was hoping that the loden would sit and if it did, I probably would've purchased it as well. 
Purchased the Thorpe after checking it out in store on Wednesday. I was tempted to pull the trigger on it then, but decided to hold off until today in case it were to go on sale. Glad that I did. I sized up  cause I felt that the medium was a tad too snug, plus I have long arms.I feel like picking up another 
Check your pm OP. I sent you a message regarding the item. 
Hello, what are ally thoughts on the Allen Edmond Leeds ? I want a plain toe black pair of  Bluchers that I can dress up (wear with a suit) or dress down (wear with chinos and jeans etc). 
 Thanks !
Yes, you can use your own label and you won't be charged by Uniqlo for it.
Are there any sales going on the RL Singletons ?
Okay, thanks.
Does AE still make the Lubbock ?
  Okay, thanks.
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