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I was told by an oil man who'd known her, of a girl from Red Gulch, Arizona, the inside of whose twot , was so scorchingly hot, that it lit up his corona corona...
Ribolito and ribbon pasta with wild boar ragu. Everything hit the mark for a sub-zero night.
For this kind of thing and all the super hero fluff I found the scales fell from my eyes when I was around 12 or early teens. A small part of me sometimes wishes I could find in it all something worth spending time watching.
1998 Villa Cafaggio Chianti Classico DOCG Ripe black cherry and plummy with a little sweet clove-like quality. Had with rack of lamb. 
La Spettatrice -a woman who follows/stalks her neighbor. An Czech actress Barbora Bobulova plays lead. Quite beautiful as a brunette. Never seen before.
I think I'm going to be book a test of the new Alfa 4C.
for the charity muggers - chuggers - I start speaking another language; Italian or Portuguese usually puts them off. Alternatively just say 'I don't speak English' and continue walking , smiling.
1997 Chapel Hill McLaren Vale, Shiraz.  Was advised to hold onto it for decade and slightly forgot. Just about still drinkable. Plushy, ultra ripe fruit. Had with a 400g fiorentina.
Virginie Despentes' Bye Bye Blondie with the ever delightful Emmanuele Béart and the slightly-less-delightful-these-days Béatrice Dalle who's been at the nutella crepes since my fond memories of her getting rammed ragged in Betty Blue. Anyway, their love story runs in parallel with two teenagers'. The abysmal English subtitles are hilarious.
Just got Blue Jasmine soundtrack. Nice bluesy jazz. Typical Woody A material with a couple of poppy exceptions. Imagine WA needed some convincing to include such pap in his movie. Also. John Zorn - At The Gates Of Paradise, and The Gift, which has some nice theremin work.
New Posts  All Forums: