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The irritating upspeak or AQI is becoming more and more common among men
'Dormant Beauty' - interesting 'Magnolia-esque' structure which revolves around the real life case of a long-term coma, and the government vote on law permitting ceassation of life support. A attactive drug adict's repeated suicide attempts, a senator's (Servillo) moral conflict with his religious daughter, a religious matriarch - (Huppert), these all various metaphors for Italy's 'sleeping' and need to reawaken.  A timely release date as the documentary 'Girlfriend In...
2011, Quis Montepulciano D'Abruzzo, DOP
I was told by an oil man who'd known her, of a girl from Red Gulch, Arizona, the inside of whose twot , was so scorchingly hot, that it lit up his corona corona...
Ribolito and ribbon pasta with wild boar ragu. Everything hit the mark for a sub-zero night.
For this kind of thing and all the super hero fluff I found the scales fell from my eyes when I was around 12 or early teens. A small part of me sometimes wishes I could find in it all something worth spending time watching.
1998 Villa Cafaggio Chianti Classico DOCG Ripe black cherry and plummy with a little sweet clove-like quality. Had with rack of lamb. 
La Spettatrice -a woman who follows/stalks her neighbor. An Czech actress Barbora Bobulova plays lead. Quite beautiful as a brunette. Never seen before.
I think I'm going to be book a test of the new Alfa 4C.
for the charity muggers - chuggers - I start speaking another language; Italian or Portuguese usually puts them off. Alternatively just say 'I don't speak English' and continue walking , smiling.
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