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primo-Strozzapreti con speck and porcini secondo- costolette di maile with roast potatoes dolce- zuppe inglese
Yes, and won a clutch of european awards the other day. One of my films the last few years..
Uncle Buck. Candy rules
1998 Spice route Flagship Merlot, Malmsbury. (S.A.)
Casablanca.  Always sublime.
a particular bete noire, generally used without being a logical connector, or having any evident function. Writing it is even less justifiable than saying it. Virus.
During the emergency grounding of all flights over 9/11 period, I was unfortunate enough to find myself stranded in Seattle. For two weeks. I had a good insurance travel policy.
The irritating upspeak or AQI is becoming more and more common among men
'Dormant Beauty' - interesting 'Magnolia-esque' structure which revolves around the real life case of a long-term coma, and the government vote on law permitting ceassation of life support. A attactive drug adict's repeated suicide attempts, a senator's (Servillo) moral conflict with his religious daughter, a religious matriarch - (Huppert), these all various metaphors for Italy's 'sleeping' and need to reawaken.  A timely release date as the documentary 'Girlfriend In...
2011, Quis Montepulciano D'Abruzzo, DOP
New Posts  All Forums: