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Thanks for detail reply. Actually, I intended to get a JR pass for the train travel; the 650euro figure was referring to the flight, which I failed to mention. My mistake. Apologies.  Probably aim to fly out of Milan/Rome to ideally Haneda, but Narita OK
Hunting and Gathering, Audrey Tatou is adorable.
Thinking of trip to Japan end mid-April for 2 weeks. Is it worth getting down to Fukuoka? Thought of winding down on train and taking in Osaka, Kyoto on the way. Am I likely to find a ticket less than 650-ish euro (now) nearer the date, say 6wks-2mths before?
     a seige film, East Anglia style. Hilarious. Some great lines.
for dinner: Chateau de Genaiserie, Coteaux du Lyon chaume 'Les Tetueres' (Loire) '96
A Room With A View. Just fine - from visuals to script to acting. DD Lewis perfect as ever.
Very nice. Also love the Howard Shore score with Ornette on sax
 scenes. I thought they were well shot and very intense but not out of keeping with the thrust and significance of the plot; young gilr's first sexual and emotional bonding. The fling with the guy didn't seem to hit the spot for her; Emma certainly did, and it deserved to be honestly represented. The scene when they first met after the bar and sat on the park bench, each unsure if the other was going to make a move was, I found, absolutely electrifying.
Blue Is The Warmest Color     and really ,really great performances. The lead is spectacular. In every sense.
Sexy Beast. Excellent.
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