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 Saw this while past. Also looking forward this year to Nymph()maniac. Latest Lars Von Trier, with Charlotte Gainsbourg.
The Maltese Falcon. Utter class. Brilliant Bogart, Greenstreet and Lorrie
 avatar and sig. I agree.
The Best Offer. With Geoffrey Rush . Beautiful art/antique film. Worth the 2 hr+ duration
 Cheers pB. My sentiments too. At least there were still some fucking bagels to buy!!
Is this wrong? I noticed, as have friends, when shopping in supermarkets that certain individuals monopolize the freshly baked, store-branded baguettes, buying 15 or 20 at a time, leaving none for the 'normal' consumer. On walking through the town centre I glanced into one of the ubiquitus convenience shops, usually run by people from the sub-continent or China. I saw the basic store-branded baguette  being re-sold. After this I couldn't help but notice them in the...
 DP 2002        
Priceless- Audrey Tautau again. On a bit of an AT kick recently. Sill y cote d'azur gold-digger comedy.
four words: this
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