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The Maltese Falcon. Utter class. Brilliant Bogart, Greenstreet and Lorrie
 avatar and sig. I agree.
The Best Offer. With Geoffrey Rush . Beautiful art/antique film. Worth the 2 hr+ duration
 Cheers pB. My sentiments too. At least there were still some fucking bagels to buy!!
Is this wrong? I noticed, as have friends, when shopping in supermarkets that certain individuals monopolize the freshly baked, store-branded baguettes, buying 15 or 20 at a time, leaving none for the 'normal' consumer. On walking through the town centre I glanced into one of the ubiquitus convenience shops, usually run by people from the sub-continent or China. I saw the basic store-branded baguette  being re-sold. After this I couldn't help but notice them in the...
 DP 2002        
Priceless- Audrey Tautau again. On a bit of an AT kick recently. Sill y cote d'azur gold-digger comedy.
four words: this
Thanks for detail reply. Actually, I intended to get a JR pass for the train travel; the 650euro figure was referring to the flight, which I failed to mention. My mistake. Apologies.  Probably aim to fly out of Milan/Rome to ideally Haneda, but Narita OK
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