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Some pics from last weekend when we went to Turin and Alba for the bi-annual Salone in the former and the annual truffle festival in the latter.   Alba- Alba Alba Salone- Alba Alba Alba Alba   Alba-     Salone- Salone- Alba Salone-     For dinner 
Blue Ruin - will give a miss judging from synopsis, and poster2 Faces ... Enjoyed. Lots of time for Vigo M. Generally like Patricia Highsmith adaptations (except the Tom Ripley one with the goofy blond guy: awful)Under the Skin - - Not bad. Not sci-fi fan but SJ nude can't be easily dismissedChef + Rush- nahBlue Jasmine - excellent WA from last yr. Magic in the Moonlight liked less so. Maybe it was Colin Firth doing comedy I couldn't hold with.Enough Said - lined up tonight.
Been watching lots recently. Don't know what to watch... Requesting  recommendations of something to download that isn't schifoso. Preferably fairly recent. Drama/comedy preferred.
Watched the first six of Kieslowski's Decologue . I originally saw the extended film-length versions of no. 5 (A short film About Killing) and no.6 (A Short Film About Love) in the cinema but the shorter 60 minute version loses little. I found the it has lost none of its ability to disturb: the shocking reality of the brutality of state execution. There was no Hollywoodisation of someone being hanged in 1980s Poland. The cinematography amplifies the claustrophobia. The...
Mobius - Franco-Anglo-Russo spy/banking thriller. Rather good.  To Have and have not- another classic Bogey film with some great one-liners. The brunette is rather fetching too.
Gigantic - Paul Dano and a terrific Ed Asner and John Goodman in a quirky NYC set indie.
 I hadn't made the connection. Who can say if it was inspired by it...? Could be so. I like the actor who is her return client. The guy with the Auden-esque face. Hope my physiognomy ends up something like his if it has to deteriorate... I think he was the underworld contact who met Clooney in the bar in Rome in The American. Great voice too. I found the cliche of the sensitive older client a bit tiresome.
Jeune & Jolie, Francois Ozon Cannes nominee. So-so about a student turning tricks and the fallout when her parents discover. Stylish and well acted. 
Breathe In (2013) Guy Pierce and Felicity Jones play music teacher and visiting foreign student in this well acted drama.
The Perverts Guide To Ideology (2012) 
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