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Please send me a PM with what you have.  Willing to pay up to $250 depending on the quality.     Thanks!
 Added them to my cart, but when I went to check out, they weren't available anymore.  Went back and still saw them on the sale page?!? [EDIT] And now they're gone...Congrats to the lucky bloke!
 No problem!  You got it man! 
 And... they're gone.  Congrats to the lucky sz36 that got them!
Brand New With Tags Unis Gio Black Size 36   Measurements Waist: 18.5" Rise: 11.5" Inseam: 35" Knee: 9" Leg Opening: 8"   I'm selling these because they didn't fit me. Free shipping to US Buyers via Priority Mail.   Buyers outside the United States, please contact me for a shipping quote.     Thanks!
SOLD!   Up for sale is a pair of Epaulet Slim Walts in Dark Forest Flannel in size 37.  These would be perfect for someone wanting to tailor them to a size 36 or a size 38!  They have a 1.5 inch cuff on them with a 32 inch inseam, they still have original material on them if you need to let them out.   Color is a dark green/gray, very nice and warm!  I'm selling them because they're a bit too warm for me in Southern California.   Free shipping to those within the...
Up for sale is a pair of Rivet Chino Camo SHORTS!  I had originally bought these as pants with too short inseam and decided to convert them into shorts.  Unfortunately, I've gained a bit of weight and these no longer fit me, so my loss is your gain!   Sizing details for Rivet Chinos in size 36 (from Epaulet website): Size Waist Rise Inseam Thigh Knee Leg...
Mike you mentioned that the Driggs would be made in the Gayley and Lord Coffee fabric.  Do you know when these would be released?   Thanks!
 ! Interested in seeing how those grape canvas Driggs look like!
 I saw these awesome LBMs in person and they're totally boss, but unfortunately they didn't have my size or I would have picked one up! Mike, question, on the DWR Rust chinos that are on sale.  I was thinking about picking a pair up and trying my hand at dying them in Indigo.  Do you think the DWR coating might make this process difficult?  Would it be worth it to try? Also, when will the EPLA sportscoats be available online? Thanks!
New Posts  All Forums: