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Does anyone know how the sizing is for the Army/Combat boots? Both the brown suede version or the all black leather version? True to size? I wear size 41 in common projects. 8.5US in everything else
Are the shirts smaller than normal?   For Gitman vintage shirts, I wear mediums. Club monaco shirts I wear small.    I'm thinking of getting the same 90%wool10%nylon western shirt in medium. I have athletic shoulders. Do you think I should just stick with the 100% wool shirt, which is slightly bigger (shoulders are 16.5 v. the former is 17").    Thanks
interested in a Robert Geller Seconds: Navy Two-Tone sweater crewneck   How's the quality of Robert Geller (Seconds) compared similar priced competitors (200-400 range: ACNE, APC, etc.)?
Sent you a PM!
Does anyone have a picture of what the Ace black jeans look after a few months of wear and wash?
Just very curious. Can an athletic build fit into any SLP jeans at all? I have very large calves (15.75" around) but still can fit into nudie jeans (31s in grim tim and 32s in tape ted).  Would love to try them on somewhere but no local store carries any. 
the model seems to already be tight in the calves and from the look of other pictures of the same model, I'm confident that i have larger calves than him so pushing towards for a large? But the other problem is the length, afraid there might be too much stacking throughout. 
@JohnElliottCo I am about to make a large order but stuck on the sizing of the escobar sweatpants with a few of my soccer teammates. I have big calves (15.75 inches around) and waist size 31/32 and height 5'8. Would the medium be too tight? Should I go for the large or would that run too long in length? Thanks
Hello,   Does anybody know how Thom Browne shoe sizing work?   Would I wear size 8 or 7.5? I have slightly wide feet   I wear: Allen Edmonds: 7.5D and more comfortably 7.5E Clarks Desert boots: 8 Jordan Retro 3s: 8    Thanks!
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