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 I have read various discussion about this issue (much from DWF) but from what I surmise, the "gemming" or losing shape is primarily an issue when the original last is not used for the resole.  So, I assume that by having them resoled using the original last (basically by Alden themselves), this would alleviate this "gemming" problem?   In regards to the 3 resole limit, this is pretty much expected from GY shoes in general.  Honestly, especially with double-soled shoes, I...
Alden on Madison would probably have the largest selection of sizes, especially if you go wider.  Moulded Shoes and Citi Shoes are other options.  Leffot carries Alden but I am not sure if Steven carries them in E.   If you have yet to try the Barrie last, I would definitely get fitted especially for the first pair.   Regarding the calf vs. shell, I think it's a matter of preference.  Most of my smart shoes are calf but all my LWB are shell (from Alden). ...
  Good to know Julian.  I will keep this in mind in the future.
Wonder if broguing on the straps would be too much...
Good shoe, the semi-brogue is a nice change of pace.  If you like that detail, then go for it!
Still awesome looking!
These are great
  Great shoes
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