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Nope, it's just Alden's way of hooking you in. Their reinforcement schedule is worse than gambling.
I know this used to be made by Alfred Sargent although I thought BB stopped using them as a manufacturer. Anyone know if the current chukkas (item #703H) are still made by AS or someone else is making them now?
Question about EG's various colors (outside of the typical black and brown ranges). How are these colors applied on the shoes? I assume alcohol or water based dyes are standard but are acrylic paints used by EG to establish the more varied colors (e.g., slate)? I ask because I had a small stain on a shoe in Slate and used Reno to try to get it out. After rubbing the area (not even vigorously), I noticed the grey color coming off to the point that I could notice the...
A great tailor will go a long way. I would allocate some of your budget to alteration costs. Generally when I buy suits I make sure the shoulders and length are right since tapering the body is an easy fix. I am sure SF will provide some good recommendations. I typically try them out, with a simple fitting (jacket taken in) and make small talk. How long have you been at your trade? Did you used to make suits (all the regular tailors I have used made bespoke suits...
Sad I dropped by Barney's and none of the shoes I wanted were available...
Do both the MA and BK store carry the same selection of Carmina? If not, which location has a better variety?
I've had a pair of shoes for some time that will need re-furbishing/resole soon. However, I initially bought a UK G width and realize it is too wide. Can the shoe be worked on/re-lasted on a UK F last when I send it back to the factory? I know that means it would need to be re-welted, insoles, etc. Anyone have this done before (basically narrowing shoes)?
 When it comes to the non-shell seconds, I would say the extra cash is worth it to get a brand new pair.  Styles such as the 403 do not show up to often then you have to gamble on the imperfections (which range from minimal to horrible).   IIRC, the standard 403 is on a neocork sole and note their plantation crepe.  However, I am sure there has been some make-up with such combination.
Awesome g'men!
  If you are looking to keep it under $400 and you are in the States, you can pick up some Allen Edmonds boots.  You can also pick up some Tricker's, Alfred Sargent, or even Barker or Cheaney.  Technically they are not "waterproof" but I have worn similar type of boots (I have C&J Islay and Tricker's) in rain with no problem.  For the REAL downpours or snow, I wear my Hunter boots.
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