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Was applying lp and some of it got on my 70257. There's a small unsightly black stain now, any recommendations for removing it? Thanks.
Just got a 70257 in Dark Brown.   I'm looking to use Obenauf's on the leather, but I'm wondering if you guys are using the oil or the LP? The oil seems like it might stain if it drips on the twill. Are you guys using it on all visible leather, or just the strap? Thanks in advance.
what colour is the stock vibram heel on the wolverine 1000 mile boot? just curious as I’m about to put on a half sole on my pair and the cobbler offered me a dark brown and a black one.   I called wolverine and they told me it was dark brown but I want to make sure.   thanks!
I'm about to purchase a black lambskin MDR. It will be my first leather jacket - do you guys recommend using a leather conditioner over time? Something like Obenauf's LP.   Thanks.
Hi.   I've been researching slim fit shirts and I've read nearly all 100+ pages of the definitive guide, and the main ones I've been looking at are:   Hugh & Crye Short/Skinny: Brooks Brothers Extra Slim Fit - Size 14.5/33: Kent Wang - Size 14.5/32.5:   My measurements are: Neck: 14.5 Sleeve: 33 Chest: 36 Waist:...
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