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Starting to get a few scuff's on the toe's of my semi-dress'..any recommendations? obenouf's? thanks!
Just the western sole....they come standard with the single leather sole. I thought that adding the western sole (thin rubber), would hold up better with winter.
  Thanks! They are the single leather midsole with the "western" rubber sole added. They do look more beefy in these pics than they truly are....wore them today for the first day, most of the day, comfy! I had them put Spenco's in them for added cushion. I also had them add the thin rubber sole because of the snow and wetness during the winters here in the NW. Love them!
Yes with the measuring tape, but I believe they go more in depth..with your foot held up, standing, foot and calf measurements, they look at your actuall foot and how you walk. I live in WA  and I fight fire for the FS, so it was a no-brainer to go to the shop, but I realize others are not close at all. They have great people that work there, so if one is not able to make it, self measurements and phone conversations can = a great fit.  Also, it is very convenient...
Here they are:       Well, I got them! They are White's Semi-Dress in brown with vibram 629 soles (White's calls them Western Soles). Ordered them directly from White's and honestly they are comfortable out of the box. This is my first pair of Semi-Dress', but not my first pair of White's. I  had my measurements taken at the factory in Spokane a few years ago. Thank you for all the info and advice!
OK, i gotcha now...ive always brushed the dirt/mud/ash off my boots before ive oiled or greased them, just didnt think that sd's would get dirty enough for the need to brush...
gotcha, thanks! guessing it just keeps um clean and gives a bit of a worn look?
Im getting the dress brown leather from White's...sorry if I sound like a newby, but brushing? ive had smokejumpers for around ten years fighting fires, and have the obenouf's thing down, but am new to brushing. could you please fill a new to sd's guy in? thank you all for the responses!
Waiting for my first pair of semi-dress's to be built, anyone have any care/conditioning tips for whites semi dress? thanks!
Thanks for the info!
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