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I see that now and I think I'm going to go with the shirt that has the white fabric under the placket. (thanks for teaching me a new word by the way)   I tried it again last night and if I only undo the top button it looks pretty good, and does't show too much white.  
  Damn.... I just put this together and was thinking it looked pretty good. But maybe it's better to be a bit more conservative.  
Thanks very much for all the quick replies. The only time I've ever seen anyone at this company wear a tie is at the staff Christmas party. However, even at a formal event like that the owner of the company doesn't generally wear a tie. Just a jacket with a buttoned up shirt.    I had a chat with the guy who would be my boss a couple weeks ago and he was wearing khakis and a golf shirt, which is pretty typically work attire in that department. My friend's suggestion...
Newbie question here from someone with very little knowledge of dress shirts, ties and jackets. I have a job interview in a couple days for a full time position at a company where I currently work part-time. The company dress code is pretty casual, and I was told by a friend in management not to wear a tie and jacket, just "some nice pants and a dress shirt".   I have a slim frame and had a hard time finding an off the rack shirt that didn't leave my mid-section...
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