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Wow, ebates is 9% cash back for Yoox right now...probably will only last a day or two.
Extra 10% off with: FORYOU10   Ex: March 21   May be for US only
Has anyone else had shorter shipping times from Yoox the past few weeks from IT to USA? Usually, a shipment would take 10-14 days for me. And in January, there was all the customs problems.    I've made 3 orders the past 1.5 months and each one has landed on my doorstep within 7 days. With the UPS tracking, I saw they are shipping things express from IT to NJ, but they may have been doing that beforehand.   Anyway, I'm very happy with the faster shipping time!
 Yes, it has been happening more often lately. If it stays there long enough, they will give you a discount. You can ask.
 Ya, it's kinda jacked up. I wonder why they did it.  I used to be a size 41 and now I am a size 40. A 40+ is a 42. I would think a 40+ would be a 41, but nope.
 This is the time to be careful about returns. Last year, I ordered a bunch of stuff at 80% (it might've been 85% can't remember), and those products later moved to Final Sale while I still had them (14 days to ship and about 10 days I had them).  They were not Final Sale when I purchased them.  Yoox did not allow me to return any of them since the products were now Final Sale.  So, when the discounts get this deep, it's great but there's that risk.
Very true. Many designer lines do not reach past 40-50% and stop there, even when Yoox is at 80% off.
60% off now (as you already know) but ebates is right now at 6% cash back.  That's cover the TAX Yoox just started charging me! UGH!
Extra 25% off until Jan 2.  It might be on a selection of articles only, so I have provided the link:   HOLIDAY25
GIFTED20 - 20% off until Dec 20
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