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Isn't a 44EU a 34US? I believe they have your size my friend.... We have sizes 44-54 (EU) available
You can be in the lead again big fella.... Open up that pocket book and bid just a few extra pesos.. Lord k ows I am not winning this fo 1000
I am looking at it for my kitchen, glad i could help!
Skinny Goomba, have you looked at Soapstone?
Please god let it be me...
Sounds awesome! Just one note, houses without tubs are really difficult to sell to people with kids. So depending on your plans, so sort of tub is probably wise.All the best!
My devious plan is working $1350
If they gobble me up and double my bid, I will be the happiest loser in the forum because of where the money is going! That is half my purpose here
Gotta tease the small timers waiting in the wings to dethrone me....
New Posts  All Forums: