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I was hoping for a picture dump of the new digs.... nice stuff this week though!
The alteration shop is up and running? I wil bring a few things by next time i am in the city!
how wide would you say the thighs are?
only question I have.. Why the hell can't your feet be US 10D?? damn you...Beautiful shoes though
I have a pair of Bruno Magli black cap toes that mybuncle boightbin 96, wore once, and gave to me in 2005. since 2005 I have had them resoled three times and they are still my absolute favorite pair of shoes. I think I will have to replace them in the next 5 years and it will break my heart to do so
Woohoo! More ties. also, Spoo, I will probably be mailing you some other ones. Exciting news for everyone!
Thanks to whomever bought my swag. Kop on gentlemen....
It is a 44 I think, but I am a 42 and it fit great. pants are 38? trying to remember. get the specific deets from spoo, the fabric and quality is top notch
that suit is pure sex. it is such an awesome one. I was sad to let it go, but I only wore it 4 times in the year I owned it :/ I believe it is fully canvassed... but spoo can confirm. if you are thinking about it, pull the trigger there might be more Venanzi coming depending on how this goes
New Posts  All Forums: