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As a DIYer, I like assembling the IKEA Cabinets (and all of their furniture really). I find it to be relaxing and enjoyable. If I were a contractor, I think I would hate them however. But I agree with what someone else said, buy what you want and figure out a way to get them installed, if that contractor doesn't like them, find one who does.  Good luck!
Hi All,  It has been just over a year since I bought my Henry Tomkins bag and wrote the review above. I figured it would be a good time to review an show some more pictures and details overall, the bad is a strong 7.5/10 for me a year on. I have absolutely no regrets buying it, I just wish a few small things were a bit higher quality The good: The bag has held up rather well, no damage, the bag is still very solid, it is gaining a nice patina and I think it will be solid...
I just bought a cashmere jacket for 18 dollars. Winner winner chicken dinner
Personally, i keep my waistcoat on and unbutton the braces from the pants and just keee them over my shoulder. No accidents as of yet!
To expand on this a bit, if you go too slim with your lapels you run the risk of having a very dated suit very quickly. I would stick with some classic width lapels to get the most use and value out of your investment. Best Marc
Gotta agree here. One even line all across the room is probably the best all in all. Looks more continuous and more planned out. I lived in a house with different levels and it made you think that the tiles fell off in places.Looking great by the way
Hi All,   Figured I would ask the collective for an opinion on an upcoming decision I may have to make.   Education wise,I have a   BA in Economics from Michigan State MA in Economics from NYU MS in Data Analytics from Southern New Hampshire University (about to graduate)   I have a very good job working for a large Pharma company who graciously paid for the MS Degree as part of a tuition reimbursement program. When I was at MSU and NYU I had originally planned...
I too was looking g that jacket, how did you wear it? It is a bit more active than my usual stuff but for some reason I am drawn to it
Someone has to poi t out the awesome purple pimpcoat sounds sweet!!
A Double Breasted Purple Cashmere Overcoat...................... Do you have a street corner where I can view your bitches, or is this a classier joint than that? That shit sounds ridiculously awesome
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