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99% off? pleeeeaaasssseee?
It doesn't come close to fitting me:-( back to the Spoo.....
Do you mean the POW grey one? The one racing towards my house in a USPS truck for delivery (hopefully) tomorrow? The one I have been salivating about for the past several days? Then yes, I do appreciate it :-)
Simon, I thought I would chime in,   I would like to try a few (3 seems to be the magic number for your website) pair of trousers from you, possibly leading to more, but let's take baby steps. I have a pair of pants that I love the fit and styling of, I would be willing to send them to you for you to take measurements.   I do have a few questions though   1) I wear high waisted pants, is this going to be a problem?   2) When I ship my pants to you, how quick of a...
You should be fine with 2000. All depends on fabric and if you go full bespoke with them. I had a suit made there many years ago (7 now?) and it was 1200 and to this day is a very beautiful piece of clothing. but I don't believe it was bespoke. more like MTM with an extra fitting. 2000 should suit you very fine there (See what i did there?) You should certainly go and talk with them,. They are top notch. Especially in the area
Cicchini is very nice. Head in there and talk to Herman. he will get you set up very nicely.   "there's a tailor in birmingham? I lived there and found nothing."   ​Cicchini has been in Birmingham for 35 years I think. my great grandfather shopped there for years 
250.00   Boom.
Price!?   If this luxeswap roulette? Because yes, I will take that for 25$....   :-)
I may be a bit aroused....
This is interesting. I didn't read this post before Chris suggested changing my neck posture. I am very curious to see what comes on the 17th now...  Thanks for a great product!
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