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Damn Spoo, Look at this sexy twill tie I got from you in pre-sale. Sexy as hell today at the office. Tomorrow if the linen stripey one :-)
suit is Attolini for Venanzi shoes are Peal and Co shirt is David Reeves Bespoke Tie is an absolutely beautiful no name I got from Spoo
Sale starts are 12 AM?? I wil see you 3:30 AM Just to hang out a bit ;-) I am excited though. I also second the question about the Online Vs In Store Options
I Love Pre-Sale..... Thanks Spoo!
No such thing s to high a pant....I enjoy them, as high as possible :-)
  :-) I tease of course. although, this 11th hour deal falling through does seem a bit............litigation worthy 
Can you explain that bit? i agree with the CLS statement, but what is driving the Maseratti up the ladder? On the plus side, you are getting in on the ground floor, you are a trendsetter, you could be a market leader. Now is your chance to influence trends the way you want them to go! 
Must be tough living that life...  :-)
That is some real bullshit
Can we get some interior shots? nice bag!
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