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Bespoke maybe not, i had some very nice ones made by David Reeves, but I do enjoy the nicer fabrics and such. As for the weight, my peak was 212, I am down to around 205, 5-10 wouldn't kill me nor would it make my clothes useless. It is a rather dangerous game though isn't it? Stichy, you got big ass thighs too? that is my curse of pants. I got big ass thighs and a moderately slim waist. Makes for funny looking pants at times. But it is tough to justify 750+ a pair for...
My goals for 2015:   1) More versatile ties   2) More shirts made to measure/bespoke. Rotate out some of my older ones, more barrel cuffs   3) No really a clothing option, but finally buy a nice stylish watch, one that is timeless and can be passed down    4) Look into bespoke pants, or dedicate time an energy to finding good OTR pairs. I know that I prefer high waisted pants, just go find what I want and need.    5) Continue weight loss, target weight 195....
nasty or not, if she is buying that as a gift for you, I will gladly swing by to give her a non cashmere clad shoulder to cry on, perhaps she will notice the roughness! pass on those digits to your boy over here!!
Spoo,   I mailed you my box of goodness. Hey all of you 42Rs out there... there is some sexiness heading this way. Prepare your wallets :-)
Are we doing an auction thread this year?
my spoo-rection is growing by the minute.. some of those ties would look pretty damned good with some of the stuff I want to kop from the other list....this is a dangerous week for me
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