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I will confirm that the only way we can properly answer this question is with seeing pictures of the aforementioned girl. Trust me, I'm a professional
I was winning that DB Cashmere overcoat for about 2 minutes..... those were the happiest two minutes of my life....
I am going to second the request for measurements!
Well, I've been wrong before. Isn't a big deal one way or another! It was an interesting discussion anyway.
that is an interpretation on the rules... I have worn a hat since college. It cant be CBD for one and not the other... On a less contentious point, I happen to like the genadine more however both looks are excellent
So at what point does CBD evolve?   60 years ago, there would be a VERY different view of what CBD was(non-white shirts? Dear god no. At least not at the auto makers)   60 before that was an entirely different standard.   It has clearly evolved to what it is now. There is a difference between doing something to draw attention (peacocking) to one's self and doing something practical and organically. As it were, I wore it to keep the rain off of my head. I also wear it...
I find the hat to be essential. Just because the mores of the times have changed, doesn't mean that everyone has to follow them. The hat has been 'in' far longer than it has been out.    WRT to the polka dots, they aren't that big and the tie is so muted I figured it worked. Maybe not CBD enough, however it worked well I think
Figured I would try this once   Shirt is Proper Cloth Tie is Cravate by Ben Silver Suit is Attolini for Venanzi Shoes are mid 90's Bruno Magli's   The suit does actually show plenty of cuff, I think I was standing a bit odd.      
It did, thank you so much! Unfortunately IBM looking for a lighter jacket. Thank you!
What is the weight?
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