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Howdy All   My latest look   Caruso Reeves(Shirt)  no name freaking awesome tie        
Where are you located? Excellent lighting resource is Connecticut lighting center has an excellent restoration and vintage store out in Hartford. Some truly great fixtures from all time periods. I have spent way too much there....
Hi john, some crazy good advice there.Do, let me just chat about a few things. This will essentially be a basement floor (interior to a barn building)at grade. Iam going with a 3500# mix 4in pour with 4in base below compacted every 2 in.Having talked with contractor, they thought that the rebar base would be major overkill since this will essentially be a shop floor. They suggested going with a mesh interlay, cheaper and much easier. Do you have any experience?With...
Has anyone here poured their own cement pad? I have dug out, I will add and compact a base, but I am trying to Dave big money on the finishing. Was quoted around 4k to pour the 600sqft pad 7.75 cuyds. I can get cement delivered direct for about 1100, but they wont finish it or help finish it. So I might give it a go? Any thoughts? Any tips? Thanks!
If you can deal with things being slightly worn but in excellent condition, best way to do this is to start following the Luxeswap thread and checking out @SpooPoker and his offerings. some excellent stuff there.
Pictures are always welcome! no real rush to do it. just gathering information at this point :-)
Fair enough. I have a fairly well equipped shop and I have done wood working before, however, I have never built something so large scale before. I have the ability to process lumber as well as the next guy, however I am more concerned with the finishing on everything. 
Anyone have experience making their own cabinets? I have been debating the merits of just doing it. 20k from Ikea doesn't really seem all that reasonable for the kitchen.
This is the case I have http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0061BOWTM?psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_detailpage_o03_s00   My only advice would be, if you are a watch lover, get a case 50+% larger than your current collection. I am struggling with space all of a sudden. 
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