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I may be a bit aroused....
This is interesting. I didn't read this post before Chris suggested changing my neck posture. I am very curious to see what comes on the 17th now...  Thanks for a great product!
mmmHHHmmm  I know what you mean...
a 42 you say..... with a drop 4? :-D My bis ass thighs need a big ass pair of pants
Thank you Mr. Spoo! you bring sunshine to to n otherwise cloudy day!
Deets on that Zegna Trofeo and Oxxford?   Please Mr.Spoo?   Edit: Are they Lighter weight maybe?
Wait  damned second.... Isn't today tuesday? I just got back from vacation and I expected to see new goods posted!!  
With regards to fixing the shirt I currently own, what can be done? Thanks!
Thanks much! i will make the suggested changes and order another shirt!   Marc
Thought I would post this here... What do we think is causing this and what is the fix? this is a new shirt from Propercloth    
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