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As a quick note, the nest works fine with a two wire system. Mine runs my oil furnacewith the original cloth covered wires fine. It is a great thermostat,n ot sure I would buy again, but dotn regret it. I also don't think he learning aspect does that much for me
As someone who has seen almost all of these pieces in person, I must say that all of these are absolutely incredible in real life. Just makes me wish I was a 40 instead of a 42....sigh
I have no clue f they have shoes that size. I did go, I thought the trip was worth it, but I think going to the actual factory store in Northampton(I think) is probably more worth it than the bicester one unless you want to do other shopping as well!
In a non creepy-peephole kind of way though right??I mean, if you want a show, just ask...Looking forward to the opening!
A bit rumpled, but a nice fun casual look. The pants are a kind of air force blue        
Loving the new stuff! How goes the mto group purchase? Still in for the end of the month? I am excited for my first David Reeves piece
Can you please fine a Mr. Big who is a 42/44 and a a 36/38 pant? Kthxbye
So, to answer my own question, I would say the trip was worth it. They have both factory seconds as well as shoes designed for the factory store. Seconds are of course a bit random. But there was a nice selection, especially in UK 6-8.5 and 9.5+ The stores overall were excellent and I wish I could have spent more time there, I think I could have found quite a few nice things all in all!
Hello All,   I did some reading around the forum, and I haven't seen anything quite updated enough to answer my question. In general, is the Church's shop in Bicester worth the trip up? I am looking for some classic shoes while I am over here to help round out the wardrobe rotation.   I am on holiday out in Gloucester, however I am with a small group that would be going to Bicester simply to accommodate my desire to do a bit of shopping. Worth the trip for the shoes or...
Not for me sadly. Bid on fellow koppers
New Posts  All Forums: