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Not for me sadly. Bid on fellow koppers
Yes spoo, what size is this... let the possible pre-sale bidding war commence!!
it is a suit :) i appreciate the love of the fit though!Weird light makes the pants look a bit strange
Hello All!   BB GF Venazi flannel jPress Peal and Co      
they are indeed Church's, well spotted! I will head out to a cobber this week and have a chat. see what we can do. Calling Church's might not be a bad idea either
cost isn't an issue per se, I am wondering before I trapse about looking for a cobbler if it is even feasible. The slippers were damned expensive, so I would love to get more years out of then
Is it possible to resole soft bottomed slippers like these? Or do I just have to buy another pair?
I guess I have only ever seen the db worn with bals or captoes. Never seen the pumps worn with one,only with single breasted. Sadly, it is a moot point t, the goddamn sole of my opera pumps fell off as I was leaving the house. Had to change shoes anyway.
Am I able to wear the opera pumps with the double breasted jacket they seem almost opposite to each other. 
Quick black tie attire question for the evening. I have an event tonight black tie optional. It is winter and chilly. I have three tuxedo options available.   1) Double Breasted tuxedo with spread collar soft pleat shirt 2) a very nice slightly off white silk jacket with tuxedo pants (essentially this jacket in silk http://www.brooksbrothers.com/Fitzgerald-Dinner-Jacket/465K,default,pd.html?dwvar_465K_Color=WHIT&contentpos=66&cgid=0235) and the same shirt as above 3)...
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