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How much do you want?
My gift has been delivered to my secret Santa...he has been curiously silent so far
Be Warned, I have mailed my gift! I do so hope the air holes were big enough....
   Werent we talking about houses just a few posts ago? Mozel Tov on your engagement
I will kick this year off with a bit of $1,000
Our does that every now and again, but only on certain wattage replacements. I wanted/needed higher wattage bulbs. About 3$ a bulb is what it all boiled down to. Problem is o have to be very careful and make sure any new bulbs I buy all match the color. That is a bit of a pain in the ass
Costco has some of the best prices...still expensive. Although I plan on never really having to replace any of the LEDs I just bought. Was blown away by the cost of a houseful of bulbs
Love is only a bank account away
Like how 16.5 are we talking? Like a real 16.5? Or it is marked 16.5 but is really a 16 maybe? Sticky you and I seem to be pretty close in our shopping and buying, I am hoping they are closer to 16 maybe?
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