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Must be tough living that life...  :-)
That is some real bullshit
Can we get some interior shots? nice bag!
A Damn handsome bag. Love that look, too much for my pocket book though. I have just ordered a HTompkins bag, I will be designing a few different featires, and will gladly share the process when it starts to come to fruition. Very excited for the new bag to get started!
david reeves does a very nice job. I think a good tailor will be able yo figure out what you want no matter where you go
What generation of Brooks cool did you get? newer stuff? Or slightly older? Thanks for the feedback!
I appreciate your advice!
I appreciate this, however I have several seer sucker outfits, none of which I want to wear to the office :-) You make a good point though :-)
I appreciate the feedback! I am a Madison fit guy, so I guess I can give it a shot and take a look at then in the store next time I head down. have you found a different set of suits? have you gone the route of having suits made for you? what fabric/weight?thanks for the feedback!
I am going to bump this, no one has an opinion on the forum? Quite the unusual day...
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