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I have placed many bids today..my fingers are now in many sinister soups.....Muahahahahahahahahaha 
I don't want a large farva, I want a goddamn liter of cola
This thread got real strange real quick.
Really nice job. I like it, it looks much bigger than 480. nice looking place!
Lots of naked time...
As a DIYer, I like assembling the IKEA Cabinets (and all of their furniture really). I find it to be relaxing and enjoyable. If I were a contractor, I think I would hate them however. But I agree with what someone else said, buy what you want and figure out a way to get them installed, if that contractor doesn't like them, find one who does.  Good luck!
Hi All,  It has been just over a year since I bought my Henry Tomkins bag and wrote the review above. I figured it would be a good time to review an show some more pictures and details overall, the bad is a strong 7.5/10 for me a year on. I have absolutely no regrets buying it, I just wish a few small things were a bit higher quality The good: The bag has held up rather well, no damage, the bag is still very solid, it is gaining a nice patina and I think it will be solid...
I just bought a cashmere jacket for 18 dollars. Winner winner chicken dinner
Personally, i keep my waistcoat on and unbutton the braces from the pants and just keee them over my shoulder. No accidents as of yet!
To expand on this a bit, if you go too slim with your lapels you run the risk of having a very dated suit very quickly. I would stick with some classic width lapels to get the most use and value out of your investment. Best Marc
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