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Seema fitting, I was the first and last bid this year. Bitching!
Am I going to win this??
Deets on the red smoking jacket at the top?
You must feel so empty inside dealing with the k owledge that your fireplace ia a the height of a design nightmare and there ia nothing you can do about it short of living in a 1780 farmhouse with a center stack chimney! You poor pathetic man
Was wandering around shopping last night and look what I found!! It is hand Blown....perfect for Ed...
What do you use for other WW tools? I am in need of replacing my shop now that I have space. any planer or Jointer suggestions? Is your shop mobile in the sense that you move your tools around or do you keep them pretty much stationary? Dust collection set up for the garage space?Thanks!
The rest of my SS gift was delivered today, Picture time!   First things first, There were no penises or odor of ass crack on the packages that these came in. Consider myself less than impressed upon delivery.   Upon opening the packages, I was amazed at the awesomeness that unfolded!       The shirt is an awesome Sport Shirt from Brooks Brothers   The glass ware is a beautiful decanter and glass set with a drink tray sourced from Bespoke Post   May I...
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