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As a side note, there are other self tie bowtie options in varying degrees of formality
Let me start off by saying, I am a bit of an idiot. The wife and I are up in Mackinac island at the grand hotel. For dinner and dancing, I am wearing a cream dinner jacket tuxedo pants and a pleat front white turn diwn collar shirt. In my infinite wisdom, I left my bowtie and cumberbund at home. Here are my options 1) pre tied black bowtie and cumberbund borrowed from the hotel waitstaff 2) self tie dark blue bowtie and black cumberbund, the tie being bought from the...
Why you not a 10D??
Tuesday Previews??? :-) Please espu?
I will confirm that the only way we can properly answer this question is with seeing pictures of the aforementioned girl. Trust me, I'm a professional
I was winning that DB Cashmere overcoat for about 2 minutes..... those were the happiest two minutes of my life....
I am going to second the request for measurements!
Well, I've been wrong before. Isn't a big deal one way or another! It was an interesting discussion anyway.
that is an interpretation on the rules... I have worn a hat since college. It cant be CBD for one and not the other... On a less contentious point, I happen to like the genadine more however both looks are excellent
So at what point does CBD evolve?   60 years ago, there would be a VERY different view of what CBD was(non-white shirts? Dear god no. At least not at the auto makers)   60 before that was an entirely different standard.   It has clearly evolved to what it is now. There is a difference between doing something to draw attention (peacocking) to one's self and doing something practical and organically. As it were, I wore it to keep the rain off of my head. I also wear it...
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