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That is the  That is the Soft Ivy BD Collar. 
My first two shirts came today! I wrote a review and put tons of pictures http://www.styleforum.net/t/384658/proper-cloth-shirts-pic-heavy   So far so good. I a in the process of washing them and I will update afterwards.   Cheers! Marc
I recently ordered two shirts from Proper Cloth a bit back and they arrived today. I wanted to share some observations, comments, and pictures.   First an observation: The shirt arrived a day early! That in and of itself is pretty exciting.   The Shirt on the left is Canclini Light Blue Medium Check PCF384, Soft Ivy Button Down Collar, Soft One Button Cuff, Split Yoke, Mother of Pearl Buttons   The shirt on the right is Bowery Yellow Pinpoint PCF545, President...
Many Bids will be placed:-)
Nothing this week, I am waiting to see what new offerings I will be buying :-)
Tuesday is the happiest day of the week!
Are you a 42-44 Reddevil10? Maybe Please ?
All of these are soooo close to fitting perfect...
What is the weight of the blue one? Also, is ti a true 3 button?
Don't lie... you loved it many many many times. Sometimes in group settings, sometimes all alone, sometimes in public, sometimes with your SO, sometimes without....
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