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I appreciate this, however I have several seer sucker outfits, none of which I want to wear to the office :-) You make a good point though :-)
I appreciate the feedback! I am a Madison fit guy, so I guess I can give it a shot and take a look at then in the store next time I head down. have you found a different set of suits? have you gone the route of having suits made for you? what fabric/weight?thanks for the feedback!
I am going to bump this, no one has an opinion on the forum? Quite the unusual day...
he bought 30 Pairs. Wear them once, throw them out. Ballin' on the highest level!
I am dying in the humidity of the east coast and i need some more summer options. Is Brookscool worth a look? if not that, then what?   options would be appreciated!
Eyeballing it, he has a wood working shop in the garage. I did the same think when I had my shop outside as well. otherwise it is really hard to motivate yourself to go out and work after October. 
Hello All!Beautiful spring day in the northeast today.    Zegna Tie, BB Shirt Hickey jacket BB Country Club pants
not sure if this is directed towards me, but if it is, thevquestion is about adding attic insulation without a proper vapor barrier. there is blown in insulation installed already, but it is conservatively 20 years ol, dirty and compressed. I plan on removing it and replacing it with new stuff. what are the potential issues with just adding the new stuff?
does anyone have experience with pre 1800s homes and insulation? thanks in advance
wrong damned size! thanks
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