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a 42 you say..... with a drop 4? :-D My bis ass thighs need a big ass pair of pants
Thank you Mr. Spoo! you bring sunshine to to n otherwise cloudy day!
Deets on that Zegna Trofeo and Oxxford?   Please Mr.Spoo?   Edit: Are they Lighter weight maybe?
Wait  damned second.... Isn't today tuesday? I just got back from vacation and I expected to see new goods posted!!  
With regards to fixing the shirt I currently own, what can be done? Thanks!
Thanks much! i will make the suggested changes and order another shirt!   Marc
Thought I would post this here... What do we think is causing this and what is the fix? this is a new shirt from Propercloth    
      Sooo, what do we think is going on here?
I have retaken some pictures as promised.   The shirts were washed according to the care instructions. I tried to iron them, and realized I hadn't ironed a shirt in 5 years and it isn't like riding a bicycle. My apologies for the wrinkles. They are off to the dry cleaners next                     Collar and cuff certainly tightened up a bit (Collar especially). I am debating whether to bring the cuffs in by .25 any ideas?   The only thing I...
You will find differing opinions on this forum, however I am of the mindset the JosABank route is fine, especially if you are aware of the fact that JAB isn't a long term solution.    Since you need them now, get them tailored, get your really nice one from your tailor, go from there. Replace them over the next year or so.   If you want them tailored right (as good as they can be), I would take them to your main tailor as opposed to the JAB tailors.
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