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nasty or not, if she is buying that as a gift for you, I will gladly swing by to give her a non cashmere clad shoulder to cry on, perhaps she will notice the roughness! pass on those digits to your boy over here!!
Spoo,   I mailed you my box of goodness. Hey all of you 42Rs out there... there is some sexiness heading this way. Prepare your wallets :-)
Are we doing an auction thread this year?
my spoo-rection is growing by the minute.. some of those ties would look pretty damned good with some of the stuff I want to kop from the other list....this is a dangerous week for me
an odd jacket you say? in a slightly on he smaller side 44 you say? in a nice blue you say? more measurements please??also, my favorite kop made an appearance this morning
I wandered into Kamakura, I happen to like the shirts! sadly was pressed for time and didn't try any on, but I may. As a conclusion(or maybe a more heated discussion) for this thread, I actually went to our very own David Reeves. prices were reasonable, and the process is bespoke. we will see how fittings and the test shirt come out. it will be a telling tale, for me at least, about the product his system can produce. very excited all in all!
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