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Is it possible to resole soft bottomed slippers like these? Or do I just have to buy another pair?
I guess I have only ever seen the db worn with bals or captoes. Never seen the pumps worn with one,only with single breasted. Sadly, it is a moot point t, the goddamn sole of my opera pumps fell off as I was leaving the house. Had to change shoes anyway.
Am I able to wear the opera pumps with the double breasted jacket they seem almost opposite to each other. 
Quick black tie attire question for the evening. I have an event tonight black tie optional. It is winter and chilly. I have three tuxedo options available.   1) Double Breasted tuxedo with spread collar soft pleat shirt 2) a very nice slightly off white silk jacket with tuxedo pants (essentially this jacket in silk http://www.brooksbrothers.com/Fitzgerald-Dinner-Jacket/465K,default,pd.html?dwvar_465K_Color=WHIT&contentpos=66&cgid=0235) and the same shirt as above 3)...
Hey cutie....
a simple but needed win for me :-)
I appreciate the compliment I know I need a sharlve, winter tears up my face tough, can only shave once a week or so :/ thanks for the compliment!
Howdy All   My latest look   Caruso Reeves(Shirt)  no name freaking awesome tie        
Where are you located? Excellent lighting resource is Connecticut lighting center has an excellent restoration and vintage store out in Hartford. Some truly great fixtures from all time periods. I have spent way too much there....
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