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It is a 44 I think, but I am a 42 and it fit great. pants are 38? trying to remember. get the specific deets from spoo, the fabric and quality is top notch
that suit is pure sex. it is such an awesome one. I was sad to let it go, but I only wore it 4 times in the year I owned it :/ I believe it is fully canvassed... but spoo can confirm. if you are thinking about it, pull the trigger there might be more Venanzi coming depending on how this goes
Actually, given the opportunity to change my 40 year old 70-75% efficient oil boiler for a brand new propane fired 95+% model, i would not only swap luxe, I would swap wife, first born children, kidneys and potentially a lung.  This will be the best thing I have ever bought I think
ooh. my stuff is for sale this week.. come on gents, I need a new boiler....
Spoo, you are the best. thanks for all the love, and thanks for the excellent product. Good luck in 2015
DAMNIT DAMNIT DAMNIT All I wanted was that briefcase!! Damn you ebay gods!
Who ever is bidding against me on the pig skin briefcase, STOP IT.MINE MINE MINE  MINE   Also, Merry Christmas to all of you!
Bespoke maybe not, i had some very nice ones made by David Reeves, but I do enjoy the nicer fabrics and such. As for the weight, my peak was 212, I am down to around 205, 5-10 wouldn't kill me nor would it make my clothes useless. It is a rather dangerous game though isn't it? Stichy, you got big ass thighs too? that is my curse of pants. I got big ass thighs and a moderately slim waist. Makes for funny looking pants at times. But it is tough to justify 750+ a pair for...
My goals for 2015:   1) More versatile ties   2) More shirts made to measure/bespoke. Rotate out some of my older ones, more barrel cuffs   3) No really a clothing option, but finally buy a nice stylish watch, one that is timeless and can be passed down    4) Look into bespoke pants, or dedicate time an energy to finding good OTR pairs. I know that I prefer high waisted pants, just go find what I want and need.    5) Continue weight loss, target weight 195....
nasty or not, if she is buying that as a gift for you, I will gladly swing by to give her a non cashmere clad shoulder to cry on, perhaps she will notice the roughness! pass on those digits to your boy over here!!
New Posts  All Forums: