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The biggest issue for me is the fact that a roaring fire in a fireplace is at best an energy neutral proposition. Just for ambiance?? Fine. Wood wburning is beautiful and fun. Sadly, I lived in a 1780s farmhouse that had a million air leaks so when I started fires, it got drafty and cold in many places which made it harder to hear overall. I also found hat even using the fires as supplemental heat and ambiance, I went through a cord of wood in about 6 weeks (chopped most...
Was it hard to write on your stomach like that Pio?
Had mine done in CT, was 3k total to replace a side boiler, install the tankless, and run some extragas pipe for a heater. Very fair price. Yours does seem high depending where you are
My guy got his according o the tracking. Probably more than two weeks at this point
This shouldn't be taken as advice, merely personal experience, But if you don't create your own water by exploding hydrogen and oxygen together you are the biggest cuck out there. Seriously though, I just chlorinate my well twice a year (takes about a day, not hard to do, just gotta do it in order) and as I recall from my water report that was similar to yours, that worked fine. Haven't died yet! Marc
Seema fitting, I was the first and last bid this year. Bitching!
Am I going to win this??
Deets on the red smoking jacket at the top?
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