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Yes it is. I assume that red lantern was talking about around the rest of the house before going into those areas.
I have done quite a bit. I have interior storm windows on, caulded everythign I ould see, there is obviously no insulation in the walls and there is limited insulation in the floor of the attic. I am sure there is a major chimney efect going on. I am going through the house and insulating all of the power outlets and switches now.
Spray Closed Cell Foal insulation   Thoughts and comments for the following applications   1) Rim joist in hte basement (the big hunk of wood that sits on your poured basement foundation) 2) Attics (I have a full walk up attic if it matters) 3) Anywhere else you can think of trying to add it?   I have a 1780's house and I need it to be less drafty. Othr insulation suggestions are also welcome   Thanks in advance to the knowledge base!
This might be the Necropost of the year ^^
Lefty just made it rain hard bitches. Sorry about the lost deal though!
Sooo cured my cancer. Spoo was also able to bring peace to the middle East if only for a few moments. He is also a magical money making device where you send him unwated clothes and he sends back checks in a few weeks. Very powerful magic with this one...
yes, but in 17 years, it will all break even..........
Don't drink and Photoshop my friend! Suit looks good though
So wasn't sure if this works, did it anyway. Bb luxury shirt Eg capelli grenadine Silk jacket Not sure if there is too much texture,but hell, had to get out of the door Oh, wearing it with charcoal pants
Sonos is an excellent choice! glad that it is all working for you. I have been looking at ways to add them to my house as well. Damned plaster walls
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