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So What do you want it to say exactly? Write it out and I will get you a translation
Google translate says it is close to what I think you want it to sayThank you for using LuxeSwap.We appreciate your business very much,Hope that assists again in the futureWhat do you want it to say? my off shore team in wuhan can probably whip it up quickly
I don't know about he current quality per se, however I have had a pair of Bruno Maglis that I got 10 is years ago, had them resoled 3 times and the uppers have just recently gotten damaged to the point I have taken them out of the rotation. Fabulous shoe back then at least.   Marc
Without knowing anything about you, I guarantee you could fit into EVERYTHING from a 700lb consignor. In all reality you and I could probably each wear a pant leg and go about our day in a very strange two legged race....
Say what now?
I have placed many bids today..my fingers are now in many sinister soups.....Muahahahahahahahahaha 
I don't want a large farva, I want a goddamn liter of cola
This thread got real strange real quick.
Really nice job. I like it, it looks much bigger than 480. nice looking place!
Lots of naked time...
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