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Spoo,   I mailed you my box of goodness. Hey all of you 42Rs out there... there is some sexiness heading this way. Prepare your wallets :-)
Are we doing an auction thread this year?
my spoo-rection is growing by the minute.. some of those ties would look pretty damned good with some of the stuff I want to kop from the other list....this is a dangerous week for me
an odd jacket you say? in a slightly on he smaller side 44 you say? in a nice blue you say? more measurements please??also, my favorite kop made an appearance this morning
I wandered into Kamakura, I happen to like the shirts! sadly was pressed for time and didn't try any on, but I may. As a conclusion(or maybe a more heated discussion) for this thread, I actually went to our very own David Reeves. prices were reasonable, and the process is bespoke. we will see how fittings and the test shirt come out. it will be a telling tale, for me at least, about the product his system can produce. very excited all in all!
ey all, thanks for the help! I let the dry a few days before fiddling with the . sadly, the leather is certainly damaged in some spots. I had hoped for a while that it would have just been wax flaking or some such but alas. I have decided to send them back to EG and have them completely restore them. this coincides with me needing new heels anyway, so meh. let them deal with it. thanks again all!
New Posts  All Forums: