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If Ed doesn't sign up, did this thread even happen?
I tend to agree with you... seems odd all in all.... I would push them on it. especially if they didn't do a good job prepping the surface
For some reason I expect there to be a single German word for 'The act of having seamless plates of glass allow too much light into our house so that we an see our life for what it is"
Just as a reminder as to what Edina got last year from yours truly        
Just got some rich and clean samples.. .. interesting scents! I like the products so far, the waterless hand wash is my favorite just took a shower and I feel great. I would highly recommend them!
Sounds like you guys are setting up some Luxe Swap and Chill....
I bought Edina the best tie ever last year Anf I am in this year! Hell yeah
You offering Maserati rides from GCT? "Spoober" All rights reserved, trademark, copyright, baller status
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