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the collar is actually wider/ bigger than most, the hat is only a point a to point b kind of accessory so I see what you are saying but I am unconcerned about it the hat is a good size all in all for my head, classic brim. could go smaller but then you get into the trillby look which is not for me at all.pants, I agree, however I have big ass rugbybthighs and a big ass booty. much slimmer through the thigh and the pants pull majorly. so I am a bit limited in what can be...
throwing myself into the lions den eg capelli tie bb luxury shirt bb dress slacks Burberry jacket, needs to be let out a smidge through the chest, sleeves could use an adjustment as well. and yes, I wear a hat. every day. rain or shine. and no I don't think it looks stupid, or old fashioned, or do it just for attention. also, I normally shave. was lazy today. I regret it and plan on fixing it when I get home. thanks for the comments in advance!
I was hoping for a picture dump of the new digs.... nice stuff this week though!
The alteration shop is up and running? I wil bring a few things by next time i am in the city!
how wide would you say the thighs are?
only question I have.. Why the hell can't your feet be US 10D?? damn you...Beautiful shoes though
I have a pair of Bruno Magli black cap toes that mybuncle boightbin 96, wore once, and gave to me in 2005. since 2005 I have had them resoled three times and they are still my absolute favorite pair of shoes. I think I will have to replace them in the next 5 years and it will break my heart to do so
Woohoo! More ties. also, Spoo, I will probably be mailing you some other ones. Exciting news for everyone!
Thanks to whomever bought my swag. Kop on gentlemen....
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