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Washington square park is very nice and enjoyable now that the construction is done. the waverly resturaunt is delicious in my opinion, the used to be (think there stil is) an excelent bar caled the Brandy Library down that way. I used to live at Waverly and 6th ave, i liked the area, you will certainly see more interesting characters depending on how far you wander at any given time. The university area is interesting of course. Sadly, like someone else said, you will...
a nice spring day here in the northeast my regular photographer is making lunch anyway, bb luxury shirt, bb gray gabardine, Breure tie and a 10 year old silk jacket from jcpenny's of all places, but it fits and works well for the spring
By just looking at the back of a band? you sir, should take that skill on the road.... Impressive
I bought the nest gen 1 when the gen 2s were coming out so lowes sold it at 30 bucks off if i recall correctly. i liked the look more than anything. It went with my old office and the black builtins. I moved the thermostadt when I sold the house, and it does look a bit out of place in the 230 year old farmhouse, but it stil works. now that I only have heating, i def woudl not buy again. ironically,the honeywell mentioned above woudl probably have looked better with the new...
The nest thermostadt is amazing. I find the smoke detectors overpriced and not worth it, but the nest is a bargain for the access and useability
damn your slimmed necked consignors!!
Hey Spoo, Are those Charvet shirts 16 34? slim fit? ;-)
First look in the 20 thumbs thread... Thanks for curating Cleav!!
When I post pictures, my wife takes three pictures just before I walk downstairs to head to the car. We probably take 4 or 5 total, and she picks the best 3. i stand in one spot, and just adjust based on light :-)  no curating. I for one like some of the highly skilled photos.
From today   Tie: Zegna Shirt: Bespoke from David Reeves Suit: Cashmere Venanzi made by Attolini Shoes: Peal & Co.      
New Posts  All Forums: