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Gotta agree here. One even line all across the room is probably the best all in all. Looks more continuous and more planned out. I lived in a house with different levels and it made you think that the tiles fell off in places.Looking great by the way
Hi All,   Figured I would ask the collective for an opinion on an upcoming decision I may have to make.   Education wise,I have a   BA in Economics from Michigan State MA in Economics from NYU MS in Data Analytics from Southern New Hampshire University (about to graduate)   I have a very good job working for a large Pharma company who graciously paid for the MS Degree as part of a tuition reimbursement program. When I was at MSU and NYU I had originally planned...
I too was looking g that jacket, how did you wear it? It is a bit more active than my usual stuff but for some reason I am drawn to it
Someone has to poi t out the awesome purple pimpcoat sounds sweet!!
A Double Breasted Purple Cashmere Overcoat...................... Do you have a street corner where I can view your bitches, or is this a classier joint than that? That shit sounds ridiculously awesome
Wavy glass means it is at least (usually) 80+ years old and in reality probably dates back to the original house at 109 years old. I don't k ow much aboutSF, but I seem to recall them having an earthquake or two during that time periodI have glass saying back 200 years survived hurricane sandy and who the hell k ows what else. If a baseball hit if, yeah, it is going to shatter into the house. Ifthe panes are properly glazed and restored if they crack due to movement, they...
On the window discussion I have a 1780's farmhouse with mostly original windows (new glass mixed in of course, but the the original frames and such) and some 'newer stuff from the 1830-40's. Cost to rebuild them is about $500 per opening. that includes replacing broken glass, rebuilding the windows and Sashes as needed, re glazing and repairing the pulley weights as needed. This is in eastern Connecticut from a guy who has been doing it for longer than I have been alive....
I will gladly rent out my 860(poor side of Connecticut) Area code number for a low low rate..... That does seem a bit steep however
As a quick note, the nest works fine with a two wire system. Mine runs my oil furnacewith the original cloth covered wires fine. It is a great thermostat,n ot sure I would buy again, but dotn regret it. I also don't think he learning aspect does that much for me
As someone who has seen almost all of these pieces in person, I must say that all of these are absolutely incredible in real life. Just makes me wish I was a 40 instead of a 42....sigh
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