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 It is looking damned good!
 Tell me about bad decorating choices.... Blood Red Paneling and white plaster..... very VERY 18th Century. Any excuse I can come up with to paint is being taken
I would just encapsulate it and move on. you are going to end up blowing a large chunk of your remodel budget on some work that might be worth it, might not be worth it. up to you of course!
You are the hero that this thread needs..... Thanks for the hard work!
First to post in the new era. Free suits for me..... Congrats Spoo, you majorly deserve it!
Some great looks today, Here is my contribution, TEXTURE is the word of the day for me   Shirt: BB Luxury Tie: Drake Wool Pants: Nordstrom Flannel Jacket: Belvest Cashmere Shoes: Comfortable :-)   Enjoy!      
I like the brown. If you want/need labor next week, let m ek ow. I am free and willing to whore for alterations
Looking good! do I get a tour on thursday?
Thanks for the input and stories all.    I am going to have the Rim Joist of the house insulated with up to 8in of Open cell insulation. The depth has to do with the concrete parge coat that was applied when the foundation was repaired so many odd years ago. On one side, the distance from the joist to the edge of the wall in 3-4 inches, on the other side it is a foot and a half.   Cost of the job: $900 in line with what I expected and he seems like a solid contractor...
Spectacular sir! 
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