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Just got some rich and clean samples.. .. interesting scents! I like the products so far, the waterless hand wash is my favorite just took a shower and I feel great. I would highly recommend them!
Sounds like you guys are setting up some Luxe Swap and Chill....
I bought Edina the best tie ever last year Anf I am in this year! Hell yeah
You offering Maserati rides from GCT? "Spoober" All rights reserved, trademark, copyright, baller status
How the hell do I get there for Manhattan?? 
 For what it is worth, here is what my off shore team came back with. Hope it helps!  Traditional Chinese:感謝您使用LuxeSwap。我們非常感謝您的惠顧。 我們竭誠希望未來能够再次為您服務。 Simplified Chinese:感谢您使用LuxeSwap。我们非常感谢您的惠顾。我们竭诚希望未来能够再次为您服务。 Marc
I am actually really comfortable in the high 50's.... My wife however has made it very clear that is not an option at all!
1780s farmhouse. a bit.......drafty at times. much much easier to spot heat to 70 than keep the whole house at 70. So we had a number of Propane heaters installed so we could heat certain rooms like that. But he furnace was kept at a minimum temperature across the whole house
I just bought a house in Michigan and I am moving out of my current one unsold in Connecticut. I am unsure what to do with my current house. The wife and I plan on visiting in late December, but we obviously wont be living here full time. A neighbor has offered to look into the house every could weeks and run water, check pipes and ensure there are no major issues. But should I have the house winterized? Should I just run the furnace in the low 50's (this is what we keep...
New Posts  All Forums: