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Don't drink and Photoshop my friend! Suit looks good though
So wasn't sure if this works, did it anyway. Bb luxury shirt Eg capelli grenadine Silk jacket Not sure if there is too much texture,but hell, had to get out of the door Oh, wearing it with charcoal pants
Sonos is an excellent choice! glad that it is all working for you. I have been looking at ways to add them to my house as well. Damned plaster walls
Do it. Seems like it might be a good investment t and starting with equity is always a great thing because it takes foreverto build it.also, doing the work yourself is a great feeling (if you are that type of guy. I have always enjoyed projects that I can see and feel the result of.
He looks surprisingly good in it....
Damned cats.... Why are teb shelves different heights?!?!!?!?! Why why why why why why?
Someone elsevwears sock garters here? That is fabulous news hate being the odd man out!
You sir, are absolutely right. Had a suite there a while back, it was...okay. The Waldorf experience was absolutely amazing though. The room was OK. I hear they are doing an absolutely massive renovation coming up here now that the Chinese bought it....
Pros at the Waldorf is always an experience
Spoo, this is the kind of ad on to your truck show that woud not only make me show up, but would encourage me to spend more money. This is the kind of entertainment that I want my dollars to support. This am all of the dancer trying ot make it through pre-eglish lit. Speaing of dancers, that might be just the kind of extra entertainment to really seal the deal!
New Posts  All Forums: