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Ah yes, I too have the dreaded "Babyface-itis"
Still waiting on that check my Jewish Brother
Who likes detailed reviews of semi-bespoke items? Well, buckle up then. This is long, but there is a short blurb at the top to summarize    Maker: Henry Tomkins Leather Website: htleathers.co.uk Style: Briefcase Lite with many modifications Price: 250 GBP (including 45 GBP for shipping) Leather: Veg Tanned leathe, color option light brown) Lead time: 8 weeks (usually 4, he had a backlog)   The Result: EXCELLENT. Would highly recommend, few small attention to...
Awesome view! So two things, Heat isn't what is going to rung your floors/furniture/whathave you, it is the UV rays. The heat is a side product of being west facing and is difficult to manage (to my knowledge). My parents have always had metalilic film on their windows, they are slightly copper tinted. I don't think you can have a truly uncolored solution to this problem. The treatments they have don't cause weird relections or light issues but it blocks the UF light great...
Sometimes in the next few months when I get back to the city ;-) can you keep it on ice until I can figure things out?
That is some major hotness!
need t know way more information to really tell you. Size of the window is a HUGE factor of these things. I had cellular blackout shades purchased for two windows in my house, total came in about 275 from Lowes buying the Levelor custom shades during a sale. install took about an hour total. the one window was 23" x30 ish and the other was 37"x50 something. 
Beautiful bag and excellent review! Thanks for the information, could I ask for a ballpark price with the modifications? Thanks! marc
Reach out to Henry and give him the dimensions of anything you are concerned about. He will make sure it will fit! Excellent man, excellent process for design. I am waiting on my bag eagerly. Should be here soon!
Yeah, I k ow what you mean. The PC set up works with my drill and other tools. I like the flexibility. I use my jigsaw in some random places all throughout the house. Cord isn't always useful. Very rarely do I use it at a workbench or central location. I like makita! They make great stuff. Glad you found a unit you enjoy!
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