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By just looking at the back of a band? you sir, should take that skill on the road.... Impressive
I bought the nest gen 1 when the gen 2s were coming out so lowes sold it at 30 bucks off if i recall correctly. i liked the look more than anything. It went with my old office and the black builtins. I moved the thermostadt when I sold the house, and it does look a bit out of place in the 230 year old farmhouse, but it stil works. now that I only have heating, i def woudl not buy again. ironically,the honeywell mentioned above woudl probably have looked better with the new...
The nest thermostadt is amazing. I find the smoke detectors overpriced and not worth it, but the nest is a bargain for the access and useability
damn your slimmed necked consignors!!
Hey Spoo, Are those Charvet shirts 16 34? slim fit? ;-)
First look in the 20 thumbs thread... Thanks for curating Cleav!!
When I post pictures, my wife takes three pictures just before I walk downstairs to head to the car. We probably take 4 or 5 total, and she picks the best 3. i stand in one spot, and just adjust based on light :-)  no curating. I for one like some of the highly skilled photos.
From today   Tie: Zegna Shirt: Bespoke from David Reeves Suit: Cashmere Venanzi made by Attolini Shoes: Peal & Co.      
You know you need Charvet, We know you need Charvet, Spoo knows you need Charvet..... don't fight this
I wanted to write a review on David Reeves and the three bespoke shirts he made for me over the past few months.   First, a disclaimer: I paid for my own shirts, I am not/have not partnered with David in any way, my thoughts and views are my own: Your Mileage May Vary   Summary:   Fabrics: I don’t remember sadly, I hope David can chime in here and I will update   Price $250+ each   The Good: David Reeves is an extremely capable, personable and friendly tailor....
New Posts  All Forums: