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Selling a pair of almost new Viberg waxed flesh service boots on the 1035 last, size 10.5. These were purchased from Viberg directly a couple of weeks ago and have been worn only 6 or 7 times. Almost no visible wear except for a few heel scuffs, none of which have gone through the waxed finish. Selling cheap for $500 shipped in the US. International please contact me for a quote. Box and dust bags included.
Anyone here ever order from Meadow in Sweden? I'm thinking about it and wondering what the experience was like. They have great prices - even better now than the Brits have fucked the Euro even more! God Save the Queen!
Just wear them? Natural tanned leather - shell or not - is going to darken and patina significantly. That will be unnoticeable if you actually put some wear on those boots. 
One pair a day until he's 80!Those unglazed boots are sweet. Gosh I can't deal with the GYW look though. Something is just unsatisfying.
Sounds like this guy will be dead by the time he wears his Vibergs enough to see them "patina beautifully" as he puts it.
Selling three different pairs of LVC 501 Cone Mills shrink to fits that have never been worn or soaked with tags still on. Each pair is $145 shipped in the US. International folks contact me for a quote.    1947 501 rigid size 30x34     1955 501 rigid size 32x34   1955 501 rigid size 34x34  
I am cleaning out the LVC stuff I bought on sale over the years to be back ups. The following is new, tags attacked, and unworn:   LVC Type II Denim Jacket Size Medium (40) Made in the USA $180    Free shipping out of Boston to anywhere in the US. International buyers contact me for a quote. Cheers
p for sale is a pair of Levi's Vintage Clothing 1947 501 jeans in size 32 x 36. These are the rigid shrink to fit cone mills version. They have been worn on and off for about 5 months. They have no weak spots and have plenty of life left. I purchased them new from Levis.com for $260.    They were initially hot soaked and have been washed once on gentle cycle in cold water.    Current measurements:   Waist across: 16.5 inches Rise: 11 Upper thigh: 12 Hem:...
For sale is an unworn, unwashed, brand new pair of Levi's Vintage Clothing 1954 501z jeans in rigid, Cone Mills shrink to fit denim. These were recently purchased at the Levis store in Boston and it turns out I don't need them right now. They have all tags attached and I still have the original receipt- they retail for $260. Tagged size is 32x36.   ​Selling at a discount for $165 shipped in the US.    International buyers welcome, please...
Anyone willing to proxy me a pair of boots today, any last on stitch down in 10.5 if they have?
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