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Yes, it would be silly. The 2030 is a pancaked toe box so if you size down with wide feet or a high instep you will feel the crunch. I've made this mistake myself...
Anyone know when the next sample sale is coming?
I was going to go for those matte calf's but was dissuaded by the soles as well- I just went for black CXL instead.
Has anyone here bought these? http://mohawkgeneralstore.com/catalog/viberg-service-boot-in-dust-black.html The price seems ridiculous to me, plus Viberg has a new calf service boot coming soon (matte black calf) that I am interested in. I do love the texture of these "dust black" boots though...
Absolutely. Somewhere in this thread it has been pointed out that Viberg chooses thicker CXL skins. There are different grades of a given leather and it is clear that what Alden uses on a lot of their boots is much thinner than Vibergs.
Wait so are you saying CXL is cheap?
While on the topic of leather- does anyone know anything about the latigo Viberg uses? Like on their tan derby boots? Is that calf?
Pretty sure we are all "try-hards" for even wearing Viberg in the first place. Own it and love it-you're all hipsters for having this 350 page thread to begin with..
You could always make room I need a different last shape for my foot.
Sent you a PM.
New Posts  All Forums: