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Nice transition! I spend every Saturday in the summer at Plum Island. That place is a gem. Newburyport is way more fun than Bummerville, even if it's out in the burbs.
Wasn't you was it? You're the only member I have seen explicitly mention Boston. 
Somerville all the way. The pathetic heart of Hipsterdom on Earth. Harvard Square is a soulless place.  I know there a few guys on here who live in the Boston area. My first Viberg spotting! 
Anyone here just sitting in a cafe Davis Sq, Somerville, MA, sporting black waxed flesh? He ran away too soon for me to awkwardly walk up and say: "Hey bro. I see you have Vibergs. I have Vibergs too."
Posted my natty buffs for sale! Need to rock some C&J during the week to please the man. Someone needs to jump on a good deal in size 10.5. 
For sale is a pair of Viberg natural bison pit tanned service boots on the 1035 size 10.5. These are stitch down construction and made with an amazing leather that is tanned with a similar process to Cordovan. I have worn these 12 times since receiving them at the end of October. I am only selling them to make room for dress boots I need to wear for a new job (lame).    These have barely begun to break in, and are in near-new condition except for a few minor heel scuffs....
I need something dressier for work, unfortunately. 
Might need to move my natty bison service boots. Any of you 10.5 guys interested?
Viberg doesn't need these stockists. While such relationships are important for different reasons, is Viberg not doing these small boutiques a favor by making them a small batch of some special make up? Lending their brand to make a store more reputable? Sure, that's a two way street but who the fuck is Standard and strange outside of their state? Now they're a Viberg stockist (or were). money is to be made in the stock they sell on their own site or at bigger outlets such...
Yea it seems odd. And to make a break with the brand after that? I hadn't heard these other stories of deficiencies with boots at Standard and Strange. That's too bad. But to divorce a hot brand like that over mini-lugs? I wonder what the other problems could possibly have been....
New Posts  All Forums: