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I learned to stop wearing such skinny jeans with such skinny legs (though I'm working on them. Squats brah). If it's definitely in the lighter crust cxl then count me in. Don't care about heel height or brogued holes. 5 eyelets though!
Ok so I want to point something out about the 310 last. The first pair of Vibergs I ever owned were the Iron Heart collab on the the 310, mocha oil tan. They were comfortable as hell, but looked really funny in size 10.5 with my skinny legs. I have a photo to prove it for you guys. I recognize I'm also wearing far to skinny jeans for this boot, but I had few options at the time. Still, I don't believe a different jean cut changes the awkwardness of the proportions. I think...
Late to this convo but yes, eBay has worked and for me personally, grailed is really effective and I can usually get a better price.  Also: for the guys into the side zip: tan horse! tan horse!! Right?? Unless you want to do the black out fashion ninja thing. 
I have found (as a few others have on here) that the GYW fits noticeably smaller/tighter than the stitch down. Viberg claims sizing is the same for SD or GYW, but I had to sell my guidi horse GYW boots because they were absurdly tight in the toe box compared to my SD boots. Same thing for the 2030 derbies in guidi calf. 
I would really like to understand why Viberg will do a certain leather on GYW and then turn around a few months later and do it in SD (I've seen this a couple times now). The reason it miffs me as a loyal customer (trying to stay that way) is they give all these explanations about too many ruined skins from certain leathers that don't take SD well, etc, but then defy their own logic. Obviously they can make whatever they want however they want. It just seems odd to me...
I totally understand everything you're saying. I still think there is more to it than Viberg lets on, but that's another argument.To the point: how about choose a leather that CAN take stitch down? If you use a "thinner" leather and GYW it ruins the whole look for me. I understand the durability and appropriateness arguement regarding the welt, I just hate how it looks.
Is this entirely non negotiable for the scout? If so, sadly I'm out.
I don't recall ever seeing Viberg use cherry. Do you have a pic?
Ooooo cherry! Cool idea. Hopefully there will be enough street ninjas and fancy boys to get some momentum behind this one.
I'm in for a black side zip in horse or something cool. Leather sole all the way.
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