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Aged bark - or "baahk- as the Boston locals would say:
I sold the 10.5 to a fellow forum member rather than go through the returns process.
Too wide mostly. I don't think I could size down though. The leather is beautiful. My biggest problem (as usual with lasts other than 2030) is that it's not proportionate. The toe bumps up in a funny way given the shallowness of the instep. They look clownish on my lanky legs. The leather is FUCKING amazing though. Too bad...
If anyone is interested I'll be returning a pair of the Context horse boots in size 10.5. I just can't make that last work for me.
Oh I've never had issues either. I liked the FedEx because it always got to me in 3 days all the way on the east coast. Now I have to wait a week or more.
Anyone know when Viberg stopped using FedEx? I just ordered aged bark and was dismayed to see a Canada post tracking number.
Sold plz delete!
As soon as mine show up next week I'll post some
One is horse and a much more unique, durable leather???
Definitely the right choice 
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