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2030 has never fit me "nice" in any size but I have a viberg problem!To answer your question: yes they stretched. Guy informed me that size 10 uppers are the same size as the uppers used for a 10.5. Stretching a half size is no problem and apparently they do it all the time. A full size is not really possible, however.
I thought about this but I think it will be easier at this point to sell them and find a different last. They aren't really too small they just aren't right for my foot shape.
I know I know. I just love the leather. Already have my ad in the marketplace
Has anyone here every soaked their Vibergs to get them to stretch? I've seen some guys over iron heart forum do this with viberg engineer boots. I don't want to sell my guidi calf boots but even with viberg having stretched them they are a bit tight in my toes. Would I be crazy to put em on, stick my feet in warm water for 20 minutes, and then wear until dry?
Yea but it is in CAD, so really $40 USD to ship such a heavy box isn't too crazy.The guidi Olive is unreal- tons of depth and tone that the website pic doesn't reveal. Wish I could make them work for me..
Selling a pair of the Guidi calf service boots from BBC. I had Viberg stretch these to a 10.5: http://www.styleforum.net/t/411705/viberg-olive-guidi-calf-services-boots-10-5
Selling a pair of the Viberg guidi calf service boots purchased from Brooklyn Clothing Co. I have worn these 4 times total. They were purchased in a size 10 but I had Viberg stretch them to a 10.5 (as can be seen on the updated leather insert Viberg put in there). The boots show no signs of substantial wear. I'm selling because the 2030 does not seem to be right for my foot size, no matter how hard I try. Boots come with Viberg box, alternative laces, cloth boot bags and...
I'm sorely tempted by these new latigo derby boots, but I think holding out for the horse will be worth it. By the way, I learned from Guy that those tan horsehides are fronts and will be below 800 bucks (something like 770 I think). Can't wait for those!! The question is what kind of sole...
 Viberg told me (on the phone) that it would be this month. Could be slightly delayed though because the factory is still closed for production for another two weeks. Web sales and such are obviously still up and running. 
 Ha yea I'm with you. I think there were a few days warning last time. Better to do none if you ask me. Just do it to it.  Edit: I see on FB that last month they posted it the day before. That would make me think they'll announce today for a noon PST sale tomorrow. 
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