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By the way, these have been worn for 6 months. One polish (recently) with Venetian cream. The depth of color is revealing itself.
Yes they are and they are amazing. Don't buy into the CXL hate. These are really excellent boots!
I figure the CXL's will get me through the final hours of my 20s...
I think the 2040 has all the things the 1035 lacks. They can look very similar but the 2040 is more "balanced," as you say.
Agree with ya'll. 1035 is cool for other leathers. In color 8 especially it is clownish. A sleeker last is best to my eye for cordovan.
For sale is a pair of Viberg brown CXL service boots on the 2030 last that arent getting worn much due to too many pairs. These are 5 months old and are in excellent condition. They have been worn occasionally. 
 Size is 10.5. Viberg runs a half to a full size big depending on your foot. 
 Price is $520. Ships with Viberg box, cloth dust bags, brown laces pictures and an additional pair of brand new rawhide laces. 
 Please message me with any questions.
As soon as I get home. On my way now. I'll post a proper ad too in the marketplace.
edit: sorry, posting some brown CXL service boots in the classifieds.
There is nothing noticeable on my pair. You'd probably need an insert of some kind.
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