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I would love to see some nice shell boots like those: 6 or 7 eyelets, more work boot aesthetic. Enough with that Charles Dickens shit 10 eyelet Victorian riding boot look.
I totally agree- different lasts for different boots. I just think their classic service boot, especially in shell, benefits from the 2030. I haven't seen a shell makeup that I thought looked good in another last
If it ain't broke, stop fucking with it! That last looks quite similar to the 2030 shape. I don't get the point in making small modifications to something that works so well already. The 1035 is the result of taking a beautiful shape and trying to make it something it isn't. I hope the same thing isn't happening here. 
I was hoping to nab my first pair of White's (vintage packers). I only own Viberg boots - can anyone comment on sizing between White's and Viberg? Do people generally size the same in both? (That was the advice I got from Baker's). I know for custom orders you usually do a tracing, but I'm looking at an eBay pair. 
   What he said! Viberg's sizing is similar to UK but it is not UK. Cancel that sale man.
Dude if you are wearing 10.5 in other Vibergs, ain't no way you're going to fit in a size 9 Viberg. Forget the conversion confusion and go by the boots you already have...
Where did you learn this? It's not on their instagram
Sounds good! I hope they don't fit!
Fuuuuck 10.5 is my size! Someone must have grabbed it. Wanna sell to me if sizing doesn't work? Did this 10.5 magically appear? Perhaps a return?
@smilek People's feet do different things to a leather as pliable as CXL. For example, I let a buddy wear my brown CXL boots for about 6 weeks (on and off - he didn't wear them every day). We have the same shoe size, but entirely different feet shapes. His foot did to my boots something similar to what I see in yours. After wearing them for about a month  myself things worked themselves out. If your boots feel good and you aren't swimming in them, I wouldn't sweat it. CXL...
New Posts  All Forums: