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For sale is a brand new with tags Levi's Vintage Clothing 1940s fully reversible leather jacket. It has only been tried on. I am only selling it because I was able to get a different LVC jacket I was after. Offering this one at more than half off retail: $515 shipped in the USA, $550 shipped most other places. This jacket is tagged large but fits like a medium. If you know anything about these LVC leather jackets you know that sizing can be wonky from season to season....
Sorry, that definition is probably up for debate. Let me say it differently: that's still a pretty chunky looking book, even with the goodyear welt. It still seems to have just as big of a ridge around the shoe as stitch down.
That makes sense. Though the sample posted on IG with the goodyear is a workbook...
Anyone know why Viberg is dabbling in goodyear welts? I was under the impression that they always toted their stitch down construction as superior in durability and waterproof--ness? Perhaps people have been clamoring for it? Perhaps just an experiment?
+1 here. Especially regarding half sizes.
Ha that is radical. Well done giving in! They are my fav pair! Dress them up or down. Cheers and enjoy!
A couple pages back I posted my dust calf service boots in direct sunlight.
Dust black service boots in the cold winter sun today. These are my hands down favorite makeup this far. 2040 has become my favorite last as well. Next boot they do on it with a calf leather and I'm jumping on it.
Cool! I wonder if they were made from left over leather? I don't remember seeing or hearing anything about another navy run. 
I have not tried but I'm curious to see what their first announcement is. I'm still waiting to hear what all that was about with the navy shells that showed up and disappeared. I suspect a glitch since they weren't announced via the email newsletter, and Guy assured me a couple of months ago that all future releases will be pre-announced through the letter. I saw nothing about navy shells. I imagine if anyone actually managed to pay for a pair that it was a mistake.  If...
New Posts  All Forums: