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Does anyone know how to tell if a pair of the 1967 505 is made from the Japanese or Cone Mills denim? They seem to have the same lot number. 
I see it in a lot of photos too. They remind me of a pair of Chippewas I owned prior to discovering Viberg (not a good thing). I'm still on the edge here with 50 minutes to go until the restock is live. Can't decide and I'm sure they'll sell out fast. I'll probably crack under the pressure.
Yea it seems like you either love it or don't. Obviously the inconsistently is the selling point from Viberg's perspective. I have the dust black service boots and I love the leather - but its dark color makes it a different animal for me.@diabolical any chance some updated pictures of wear on the tan horsehides??
   The first two are Viberg photos, the last one from the Iron Heart forum. The one thing that has really caused me hold back on these is the inconsistent grain. For some it is clearly the bees knees. Personally it isn't quite right - the shiny finish makes me want a smoother grain; the aesthetic gets cheapened somehow by the grainy look. I also don't like how in most photos (including stock shots on viberg.com) different pieces of the upper or toe cap will have totally...
I agree about the horsehides. To keep them suitable for dressed-up occasions I think you would really need to maintain them, and this would seem to go against the "point" of them. What I mean by that is that this leather clearly patinas nicely and will probably change rapidly with wear. My personal opinion is that this is what Viberg goes for with its leather choices and make-ups: boots that will age well. The kudu leather is, IMO, the dressiest they offer because it...
You could be right. The thick soles and boot height might be a bit much with dressy pants. The other problem is functional: the suit pants are cut fairly slim and tapered (not skinny though) and they don't quite fall right on high boots. With that said, I'm contemplating ordering the olive calf just to test out the look and I'll keep what works better between that and the chukkas...
I agree. I do think that as noted above - it wouldn't work with a fine italian wool suit, for example. Would need to be tweed or something heavier. I have some summer weddings coming up and my go-to suit is a lightweight wool, pretty dressy looking. I hemmed and hawed about picking these up or maybe the horsehide re-stock, but in the end I nabbed a pair of the midnight chukkas on the 2030. I think they will look fly with a suit and I can still always dress them down with...
No this is wrong. The restock has not gone live yet. Viberg will send out an announcement on their newsletter email list. All we have seen as of now is an Instagram teaser.
Agreed about the sleekness. Do you think they could be done with a suit? Light grey?
I'm surprised no one here has said anything about the derby in olive calf that just dropped. Thoughts?
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