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Fair enough. Do you have any preferences as of now for a style for the next round?
Let me start by saying that I agree there is plenty of cool stuff and I'd love to learn more about side zips.Honestly though, considering the huge amount of business and presence SF must bring Viberg, it sounds pretty ridiculous to hear you say that they'll punish you by ending the MTO program here just for asking for this or that spec. Sounds like a pretty unpleasant dialogue you must have with Brett or Guy or whomever.I know you've said in the past that they don't need...
Look man I knowwww. There is just something about Viberg's responses and attitude over the past two years that makes it really hard for me to continue to be a fanboy. Of course they can do whatEVER they want. But they engage in explanations and justifications in lengthily blog posts and via other types of PR. It's like Beyoncé says: "you always got dem FUCKIN excuses."With that said, let's ask about a 5 eyelet 50s boot! Worst thing is they say no
Yea so I'm just going to go ahead and raise the eyelet question again. Cuz I DGAF. Why can't they do the five eyelet? It's hard for me to actually believe it these days when Viberg claims such and such a thing about their manufacturing process. For example, we were told a lot of the more "delicate" leathers would be done on GYW- including a lot of the horse and calf options. Lots of noise and protest ensues, lots of boots sit in stock on their website for months and...
Can't you just return them?
While I expect much from you, I suppose prophesying is perhaps beyond your duty as boot deal facilitator in this case.  Looking forward to hearing about the options! I think a size zip or chelsea boot as a GMTO would be really cool and appropriate for SF. If you do either I'm in! (Please no rough out)
So will Viberg let us do the side zip as a GTMO before it has actually been released elsewhere?
 Nice boots brah. You gonna actually put some wear on them now??
I guess I was just assuming, based on the various leathers and makeups Viberg has been doing over recent months, there would be some sort of grey color out there.  Even the tumbled horse they just did would look awesome on a side zip - and even though, to my great satisfaction, they did that makeup on stitch down, I actually think the only option for a side zip would be GYW because it is a more refined looking style, not really suitable for SD. Final note: leather sole on...
A grey suede would be very fitting for the side zip. If we are going in that direction might as well go all out!
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