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Cool! I have brown CXL and feel like the harness leather would be redundant. Can anyone tell me about harness leather vs cxl in terms of wear, longevity, etc. They seem very similar to me: thick leathers that are chock full of oil. Convince me I don't need both?
Thanks for that! I'm sorely tempted by the oil tan boots because they are harness leather which I love the look of. I truly dislike the vibram soles but those can always be replaced later on. Can anyone here comment on the harness leather? I seem to remember a while back people going ga-ga for it, especially when pictures were posted of a 3-year aged pair.   Which boots did you choose? I was thinking the same thing about the 10% off; it would put the harness leather pair...
Can anyone confirm if the sizes listen on Cultizm.com are the Viberg stamped sizes? It says "US size, etc" so I just want to double check. 
All my Vibergs (2030, 2040, 1035)  lace up narrow because I have a very skinny foot. They are simply wide boots across the board. In the beginning I thought this was a problem but then I chalked it up to everyone having a different foot shape. 
Selling a pair of Viberg's guidi Olive calf derby boots in a size 10.5. I have too many Vibergs and I had to clean out the closet a bit to make room for some spring stuff. I've only worn these twice outside, they are virtually brand new. The last is 1035, and you should size it the same as the 2030, 2040, or Alden Barrie. Price is $625 shipped. That's over 100 bucks off retail for basically new boots. Cheers!
All my Vibergs are too big on my heel width-wise because I have very skinny heels and ankles. The rest of the boot fits though, most importantly the length, so I don't really sweat it. Once the heel heats up a bit from walking on them it will become more flexible and the fit should feel better. I can't comment on the 110 though because I've never tried it.
Mine looked like that recently and then I wiped them down, applied cream, and brushed- they cleaned up so nice you wouldn't believe it.
Whoa yea that changes things. I think the partially structured toe box is the problem. The shape is quite flat and the goes up a bit at the toe, looking a bit silly. I wear it well, of course I bet 2030 looks good for you?
It's a 10.5, which is definitely big enough to make for some funny proportions. Such is my lot. It isn't quit like that in the flesh, the obviously it's quite long (I'm a size 12 US). It's probably perfect in a size 8 or 9.
At long last! I had a little Italian calf party in the kitchen. For those always interested, I tried to get some basic last comparisons going. The olive calf is the 1035 (derby boot on left) and the dust black is 2040 (service boot on right).   Here is the olive calf in natural light. Olive close up.  Dust black close up - these have been worn for a few months now, have been caught in the rain once and then were conditioned with venetian cream. Dust black again.  1035 left...
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