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It seems the market finally brought this about. No one was interested in GYW CXL boots and for good reason! I'm all for Viberg doing whatever they want in terms of experimenting, but since the whole point (according to them) was to allow for the use of supposedly more delicate leathers, it never made sense to me why they did a run of CXL on stitch down. Maybe for practice? Anyways, it's nice to the sexy classic lineup back on track. 
I normally don't go for two-tone shoes of any kind, but occasionally I see a pair that just gets it so right. Those are very excellent looking boots! I imagine you can dress them up and down (to a certain point). And stitch down to boot! Well done and congrats on the find! 
For sale is a rare pair of Flat Head jeans: the 3003W "Great War" model. These are essentially Flat Head's WWII era repro cut. They feature no rivets on the change pocket, green herringbone canvas front pockets, and panted arcs. They are a high rise, straight fit with a very slight taper. I purchased these directly from 2nd Shop on Rakuten, one of the largest Flat Head stockists in Japan. I wore them for exactly one day and determined they were a bit too small in the waist...
For sale is a barely worn pair of Viberg Roper boots done for Meadow Shop in Sweden. These are on the 2005 last in natural CXL rough out, and are sized 10.5. I have worn them 4 times. They are in virtually new condition with no scuffs to speak of. However, they do have some indigo bleed, something I have never been able to avoid with natural rough out.    Selling super cheap for $400 shipped in the US. International buyers add $40 for shipping. Sale includes Viberg box...
Had to pick these up from Meadow after seeing some tantalizing shots on IG. I've been looking for the right pull on option from Viberg and this is finally it. Excuse the dumb iPhone selfie:
I should also mention it was the combination of a partially structured toe with GYW that made the fit wrong.  I have posted a lot here about how much I dislike Viberg's GYW. It's not a moral thing, and I don't think they are betraying themselves or anyone else by trying to do it. I simply think the most attractive, aesthetically pleasing and unique aspect of Viberg's look is the stitch down. Having owned both and done plenty of comparison, I can confidently say that the...
I had those - they fit me way tighter than SD. I find that the GYW overall creates a tighter fit, especially with leathers like the Guidi calf or horse. They just feel tighter. I had to sell as a result. 
Selling a pair of almost new Viberg waxed flesh service boots on the 1035 last, size 10.5. These were purchased from Viberg directly a couple of weeks ago and have been worn only 6 or 7 times. Almost no visible wear except for a few heel scuffs, none of which have gone through the waxed finish. Selling cheap for $500 shipped in the US. International please contact me for a quote. Box and dust bags included.
Anyone here ever order from Meadow in Sweden? I'm thinking about it and wondering what the experience was like. They have great prices - even better now than the Brits have fucked the Euro even more! God Save the Queen!
Just wear them? Natural tanned leather - shell or not - is going to darken and patina significantly. That will be unnoticeable if you actually put some wear on those boots. 
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