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Stitch down just looks so much fucking better. Seeing this right below the newer natty shell really confirms for me that my foray into GYW was doomed to disappoint. I'm not talking durability, just purely aesthetics. 
Blast! @Kahuna75 was right about the heel on the 110 chukka. I have to sell the SF GTMO I just picked up from grailed, size 11. I have it on eBay no reserve auction but if any forum members are interested let me know - I know this is sort of a spam post but I figured since it's for a pair of the Viberg x Style Forum it might be fair. Otherwise feel free to heckle me and type the forum rules in caps at me. 
And just to add to the mix: I have to size up 1/2 size from 2030 because if I go for the same size it's simply too short for my long feet. I had a chukka on the 110 (from 14 oz) that was noticeably shorter when compared side to side to the 2030. I just picked up the used pair of the style forum chukka from the last round that was listed on Grailed. They are a half size up from my usual Viberg size and I'm sure they'll work based on how my big toe was hitting the front of...
Had to sell my new horsehide boots because I don't care who you are but partial structure on GYW fits a half size smaller than the same last on SD. I think the latter offers more comfort and side to side mobility. The good news is I picked up the natural chromepak make up from the restock. The color might be funny to start with but after one day of wear they are already showing so much promise. It's SD and 2030 for me from now on or bust!
 I feel the same way. I don't mind the GYW - I have a pair of the derbies in charcoal calf on GYW and love the look. I think for a shoe it's fine as it's a different animal for me. The boots, however, somehow lose their charm without that stitch down look. I'm not sure exactly what it is, but the shape just changes and it really becomes a different boot. I think a lot of the resistance to the GYW is not the durability question but simply that it boils down to aesthetics:...
I still really lust after the navy shell. I wonder if it will ever come again...seems like an easier thing to get since it is practically as dark as black and you probably don't need perfect hide like you do for the lighter colors.
Natural shell on stitch down, 2030 last. 
The 2030 is still the look that enchanted me to begin with, and I'll never really be satisfied by Viberg's other last options. If I'm going to spend that much on a pair of shell boots, they need to be the right shape. The stitch down almost made it worth it, but something is just off for me on the 1035. 
I contacted the seller and totally thought he meant to say 2030 when he wrote 2035. I was about to go through with it until I realized we were talking about the 1035 :( 
Whoops sorry I got confused! I hope the Hoppers work out - i realize not everyone has this problem so I'd be curious to see how you find the fit. 
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