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I wear a 12 in Nike and a 10.5 in all Viberg lasts.
I think it's more about the fact Viberg has been making a ton of boots on the 1035 (at least that they sell directly). Naturally, it is totally reasonable to try and develop new styles and such, Brett spoke about that a lot on the reddit AMA. I was personally just getting sick of seeing the 1035 for all the makeups I would have gone for otherwise (most notably the tan horsehide service boots).  As far as I can tell from this board and the stockists out there I have either...
Any interest in a 2030 MTO? I'd love to get some more support for a chukka on the 2030...
You're right, my bad. Here you go, my current rotation:
DUUUUUDE. Photos? In natural light and with flash??
And yet you keep posting! But I'll let you have the last word I guess? By asshole I assume you mean person who thinks, right? 
Did you see that in person? It sounds awesome but looks quite blue from Viberg's instagram post. Much like navy latigo - again, this just through a computer screen...
Pretty sure the masculine normativity is coming from you. I never called names or acted like a "tough guy." I merely asserted how I feel as an avid consumer of the product with plenty of experience in the different lasts.  Still waiting to know why I'm an asshole? For speaking out too strongly against a particular last? Go on, flex your keyboard muscles and knock me out this round. I bet I can take it. 
Nice response! So am I a moron for having a different opinion than yours?
Please 2030 chukka in Italian calf. I truly have learned to hate the 1035 - I've owned 4 different make ups in it and sold them all because I realized the shape is unbalanced and lame. It's like a diet version of the 2030 - almost as good until you see it from the right angle and its clownish disproportion exposes itself.Just speaking my mind is all. For me, Viberg fiddled with perfection and created something disappointing in the 1035 - apparently to pander to those fat...
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