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I have the exact same issue, I've been waiting on a response from Jamison for a good three months. It's frustrating - if I hadn't given him the benefit of the doubt, I could have done a chargeback through Visa as soon as my package was returned. At this point it's too late for them to deal with it, and all I can do is hope that he'll decide to answer my emails. Jamison had been very helpful in the past, and green-lit an exchange even though I live in Canada. The fact that...
I see that the gloves are already out of stock in 8.5...will they be restocked any time soon? 
Could Kent or anybody else tell us something about the gloves I now see listed? They seem new, so perhaps it's too early to hope that somebody can comment on the fit. I'm looking for some nice gloves for winter, and I'm wondering about how thick and warm they would be.
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