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I'd love to see a faded pink tee in one of the non-silk fabrics. Same sort of pink you would see on an OCBD. I prefer rough/unfinished hems and collars on the tees.
I have the Tokachi chambray and I love it, particularly because of the dual button-thru pockets. I actually use the pockets (for pens, etc) so flaps drive me nuts. I've been waiting for you to bring back a denim shirt in a design I can dig. Would love to see it in non-distressed Cone Mills denim, or from any other American factory if there are any. I passed on the first engineer shirt because I wasn't a fan of the pocket configuration. I would also leave off the extended...
Green pants are awesome--they're one of my staples. Easily as versatile as indigo IMO.
All awesome. I hope there are some regular colors, I'm not too into the crazy loud shit.
Here's a womens' linen tee from J crewSeems OK to me, though I suspect that example has been either enzyme washed, or regularly washed a few dozen times. No way new linen is that soft, based on my recent WvG linen shirt.Worth the break-in period for me. I think I'll be happier long term than with silk.
Tangent time: I had those...returned them to get a defect repaired and Mauro instead replaced them with a pair of the 60's denim blue. I liked them both but found the 60's blue to be surprisingly awesome and very wearable. Ultimately I had to concede that I ordered them in the wrong size. So I'm also looking for a second chance, but on the light blue.
I'm loving it honestly. It always killed me to see 8 colors of overdyes in a wide size run languish away. I'd like to see a slightly longer window on buying going forward but I can see why he wouldn't want them all going on at once.
Good thing I only got 1 in this batch then. Need to save my money for some tees. How do you clean silk? Dry clean only? Is hand wash OK?
Went for the denim with the circular prints...just can't resist the crazy shit
<3 shortwings and yet they seem to get no love from SF at large
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