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Did anyone else have trouble using the membership code for the chinos?
I got my verbena so far. It's definitely bigger than previous bamboos/sorona tees. I'm good with it on balance. I like the wider shoulders and extra length. Ambivalent to minorly unhappy about the extra room in the body, but I'm pretty skinny so it's hard to find a perfect anything.
Love the nostalgia :D First time I went to Ep I got helped by Mike & Matt. I wasn't on SF yet so I didn't know who either of them were. Legends in their own time. Matt was #menswear AF but I didn't even know what that was yet either. I had my mom in tow cause we were in the city for the day doing touristy stuff but I had wanted to go to Epaulet for months (also Self Edge). They helped size me in Rivets and Walts. I picked up my first pair--moss duck rivets. I wanted...
Got my Verbena today. Pretty neat stuff. I'm sure it'll make a fine undershirt for now but I can't wait to try it in summer. 77% linen and 23% silk. Only from WvG! Love the texture.
Thanks @chickenfark for the update. Mauro mentioned to me that he's going to be updating stock on the website for tees and beanies. I for one want to order a few more as gifts.
[[SPOILER]] JFC 2 Phase 1's and a Leica?
Most of the time you can place an order immediately and change the size later via email/phone (within reason). Hopefully Ep staff can confirm.
I feel like a suede MA-1 doesn't really fall into "leather jacket guy" territory. I think it'll wear pretty naturally
...and the tennis trainer discount code knocked me off the fence. Glad to get a pair in saddle since I had to sell my too-small pair in mocha. Now I'm back to having a default pair of (weather-resistant) sneakers!
June 16
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