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I'll be wearing mine with sneakers for sure
Can you explain this? I'm lost.
Just ordered mocha speckle herringbone (72). I remember missing out on this one from years ago! Beautiful material. I ordered without cargo pockets but may yet change my mind, if that's a possibility.
So now that all the seasonal MTO trousers are up...looks like the military twill/drill/whatever are no longer available? Will they be back before fall?
I only wish I had gotten into good clothing a bit earlier so I could have scored some of the awesome Carmina makeups Epaulet made. Never mind the plentiful/affordable shell back in the day.
Ooh did anyone else see that there's a linen shirt up? I don't have any of those so I grabbed one.
:OI can't wait. Those tees are the best. So soft--perfect fit and drape.
Kinda lame but I'm mostly in need of a totally-standard-dress-shirt-blue oxford button down.
   Hoping against hope...Thanks for the advice!
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