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Oh, well shit. I answered with the prices I would ACTUALLY pay as a rewards member.RE: quality. Quality of fabric and construction matters to me, but clearly not as much as it matters to you. I've looking for "more quality than necessary" but not "top of the line".
I think @Mauro has made it clear he's not looking for advice on how to run his business. I understand the frustration--we all want to help him succeed--but I think we just have to sit back and see how it all turns out.   As for myself, I'm on a limited budget that's competing with all of my other hobbies and needs. I have no issue in theory with spending $400 on a sweater. It's just that I can currently make do with the sweaters I have, and I have higher priorities right...
Snagged green and brown tees awww yeah! Perfect base layer for WvG sweaters
I emailed Gina and she posted some to me the next day.
How about a british khaki oxford Workwear style Bonus points for 2x button-thru chest pockets and button down collar Would also love it in heavyweight twill
Definitely not complaining. Like you said--that's denim. I actually kinda like it on the duffel bag. I ended up turning it around to get some on the other side too ^_^
That alabaster color with the gum sole was so awesome on the tennis trainer. I was sad to see it go by. It'll be pretty good on the sport trainer too but not the same.
I think force/pressure is a key factor. My jeans bled like CRAZY on my duffel bag within 1/2 mile, but it was pressed pretty hard against my leg. Haven't had a problem with anything else like car seats or furniture.
A friend noticed my mochas this morning and said "I have some shoes like that". I didn't want to be an ass so I let it be, but inside I knew..."not like this you don't". Glad to see I'm not the only one who skips the bar lacing on sneakers.
New Posts  All Forums: