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A friend noticed my mochas this morning and said "I have some shoes like that". I didn't want to be an ass so I let it be, but inside I knew..."not like this you don't". Glad to see I'm not the only one who skips the bar lacing on sneakers.
Any chance you'll reorder the alabaster calf tennis trainer exactly as they were before? I absolutely loved them but I absolutely couldn't afford them at the time...after my Epaulet spending spree of Aldens, Carminas, mocha trainers, and pink beaded oxford. That beaded oxford...oh man. Lovely.
So...really skinny dudes / looking for a slim fit ... should stay with usual size?You said before to size up but it sounds like I personally shouldn't.
When all the Thedi MA-1 orders are in I would be curious to learn the breakdown of the color combinations people ordered. Seems to me that brown/brown would be the most versatile but I'm guessing it won't be at the top.
How I wish I had bought those shoes
Here's my first entry. I'll go in for the main contest, since technically I can wear jeans to work. Don't know if I can hang with denimheads though. What the heck.
The color didn't look that awesome to me on the website, but I got some as a gift and I really like them. It's a really wearable color, especially going into warmer weather.
I'm gonna guess raw because it bled all over my duffel bag, camera bag, and untucked shirt. Pretty noticeable within about a mile of walking.It's not a problem for me but be careful if it would be for you.It washed out of the (white) shirt in one wash. Don't mind it on the waxed canvas duffel or canvas camera bag so not even gonna try. EDIT: Also they fit and feel awesome. They will definitely stretch some in the waist so buying snug is OK, but I wouldn't go crazy with it....
I'd love to see the big bubbas straight-on from the side. Either being worn or not.
Someone finally bought the last pair of alabaster trainers in my size...now I can stop staring at them :P Looking forward to my mocha couro cromos!
New Posts  All Forums: