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What's a realistic delivery time frame on an order for MTO Driggs (with cargo pockets) placed today? It says 4-6 weeks but it seems like I keep reading how everything is backed up?
I wear a 28 in Walt and a 29 in Rivet. What's the going advice for Driggs sizing? If I go with a 28 in Driggs the waist measurement would be the same as the Walt (29") but the rise would be 1.5" lower. If I go with a 29 in Driggs the waist measurement would be even larger than I wear in Rivet (30" vs 29.5") but the rise is 1" higher. Crap.
I gather you guys hit 24 orders of #8 Alt Wiens? They're not available on the drop-down menu.
I hesitate to even ask this, knowing Alden's reputation. What is a realistic estimate of the lead time on the shell alt-wiens?
Not wide. A bit of a high instep but that part is farther back and feels fine. Went with Brannock size (8). I wear that size in AE and Rancourt with additional orthotics with no issue. So if anything I would have expected these to be loose without the bulk of the additional insert.
Trainers are good for me length-wise but a bit snug in the width. Only at the widest point of my foot--the rest is perfect. Will the suede stretch at all? It wouldn't need to be much. Also I love that these have removable insoles. Big plus for me.
Let me cast my vote early for either navy or burgundy with a gum sole. Though I'm not sure if I would rather have those in calf or wait for them in suede. One each?Probably navy suede and burgundy calf. Mmmm....
Snuff suede will be mine
Are there any more colorways planned for future sneakers? What would be the timeline on that? I'm picking up snuff suede for sure.
I wish these were in my size (7UK) or I would take them in a heartbeat. They were a bit beyond my budget when Epaulet was selling them and I've been kicking myself ever since for passing them up. If anyone wants to do a group MTO in this style, count me in!
New Posts  All Forums: