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What are the differences between the 2145 and Epaulet's #8 Alt Wien? Looks like the Ep version uses Barrie instead of Aberdeen and a natural sole instead of black? Anything else obvious?
I would go for a CXL boot on a wedge sole actually O.o
Ahhhhh, regrets
Speaking of soles, the leather wedge on the Kudu Clymer is one of the coolest things I've seen in a while. That model/leather doesn't particularly grab me, though. I wonder what else it would go well with.
Can anyone compare the fit of the WvG jeans to Epaulet? I'm a 29 in Ep and I would love to pick up a pair from Mauro as well. The WvG thigh measurement in my size is a full inch larger though so I'm a bit worried about that.   Only pants I have from WvG are these chinos in 29. The fit is as slim as I can wear throughout the leg and borderline too tight in the top block. A 30 would have been a better fit.
I voted for pineapples as a symbol of hospitality
Awesome!What colors/finishes do you have planned? I'm looking for a standard indigo.Are you getting rid of the Type III trucker lines entirely?I hope you're sticking with the Japanese woodblock floral pattern buttons. One of my favorite details on my Wilshires.I was tapped out last time you ran the Asbury and was sad I missed it.
I know @Epaulet made some denim jackets a while ago. Is that something we're likely to see again? Kind of a random thought but I've been seeing some shearling/sherpa-lined ones recently and it got me thinking.
I can definitely see that. These Aldens are freaking tanks. No regrets.If you ever want to remake that Faulkner design with Alden on Barrie you've got one buyer in for sure. I don't see a lot of shortwings from Alden and it's a damn shame.
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