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I got my denim shirt in but ordered it way too small. If anyone wants a 38 BD with a spread collar let me know. The fabric is awesome and I'm sorry to part with it.
Got my shipping confirmation for denim with circular prints
Any new tennis trainer colorways in the pipe? ...before I pull the trigger on a current model?
I passed on that one cause I've got enough blue/floral shirts but now I'm wishing that was one of them
Thanks--we went ahead and ordered them :)
If the size 6 blue women's shoes don't work out for whoever bought them, let me know. Mike--how many did you order in size 6? That went fast!
I, for one, think off-pink would be a great color for shorts Someone should make those on purpose
I'm thinking of Snozzberry with a point collar. I've got an awful lot of button-downs. Any second opinions out there?
 Thanks for the reply, and the info on the heavyweight twill. I certainly didn't mean to complain about the Walt. It makes perfect sense and it's great for what it is. Also makes perfect sense for the Rivets. I'm personally moving away from Rivets entirely (though I couldn't resist the mocha herringbone EFF). I haven't had much luck tucking in shirts of any length into Rivets. With Walts I can choose day-to-day how to wear them. I buy casual enough fabrics, like the duck...
I should clarify I haven't had a problem. My oldest pair of rivets is looking pretty thin and vulnerable in that area, however. As though the weave of the fabric is pulling apart slightly and will eventually rip. It seems obvious that distributing that stress across more stitches would reduce the stress on the fabric, though. Again, the way I'm looking to use these would reasonably be defined as abuse for fine trousers. My job is 80% desk and 20% workshop. I don't want to...
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