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I'm waiting on my cinnamon crewneck from the most recent round--glad to see the same selection made by one of the venerable regulars. I can't understand how the crewneck didn't get more love around here.
I think Mauro's design was a compromise to enable functional buttonholes without having the risk of altering from the shoulder: -If the length is right, cut the button holes open and you're good to go -If the length is wrong, strip out the stitching for the button holes, shorten the sleeves from the end, move the buttons, and add buttonholes in the right place
 On that note, a huge thanks to you for working with me to adjust the fit. Taking out the pleats, adding darts, and slimming the sleeves took the fit to a whole other level. Combined with the sleeve and body length alterations this is now as good to me as a MTM shirt. I'll definitely be on the lookout for more Individualized offerings. Really looking forward to that strawberry cream flannel, which I'm convinced is going to be the winner of that last EFF round.
I jumped on this shirt back when it was Uncle Jim's fishing flannel, now it's been classed up to Vermont flannel It's awesome by any name
Minor fading but pretty hard to see in pics without manipulation
Teak horsehide running trainers + sale woodland digicam
I tried referring someone the other day but the link just went to the referral company's website ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Still sent my friend a link to the shoes...though he didn't bite
I've been posting mine on Instagram, though I'm probably due to put up some new ones.
Man it drives me nuts when they use black as the color for product shots. It doesn't photograph well and completely obscures all the design details and texture.
My wife made me buy the running trainers despite the fact that I clearly don't need any more sneakers. Hard to imagine regretting this decision. Had to buy them 1/2 size up but I'm thinking they'll still fit.
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