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Are these the same length as your standard belts, or did you cut them shorter to allow for stretching? I ordered my usual size in a CXL belt from Tanner Goods and it's stretched at least a full size.
The sweat knickers were my first WvG purchase, after trying them on in person at Mauro's. They convinced me to buy a rewards membership. Enjoy :)
Just buy them :) I wear mine a lot. Perfect for lounging around the house and running errands in particular.I doubt it often gets cold enough in SD that you couldn't wear them.
Matt, you and Mike were there to help me with my first ever Epaulet purchase during my only visit to the store. I will always think of you wearing really short pants, sockless leather shoes, and a tie with the small end long. You make it look good. Farewell, and best of luck.
How much will Galey & Lord Walts shrink in the inseam? I think I want to end up around 31". Should I order 32"? With the added cost of MTO I really don't want to have to tailor them. If they come in a bit short after drying is there any hope of letting them out? How far?   Say I go with a button fly on the Walts. If I then get an extended button tab, will there still be the secondary button to the left of the fly on the inside? So a total of 6 buttons?
Did you account for stretch in the CXL belts? How will they be sized/tagged? If it's not part of your design then I would need to order a 28. I got a burgundy CXL belt from Tanner Goods in my usual size (30) without reading the description. It has stretched a LOT and I have to use the last hole, leaving an awkwardly long tail. Willing to part with it if anyone's interested -_-
Sad I missed that awesome chambray. I was out in the woods. I'm guessing there won't be any more of those?
What's a realistic delivery time frame on an order for MTO Driggs (with cargo pockets) placed today? It says 4-6 weeks but it seems like I keep reading how everything is backed up?
I wear a 28 in Walt and a 29 in Rivet. What's the going advice for Driggs sizing? If I go with a 28 in Driggs the waist measurement would be the same as the Walt (29") but the rise would be 1.5" lower. If I go with a 29 in Driggs the waist measurement would be even larger than I wear in Rivet (30" vs 29.5") but the rise is 1" higher. Crap.
I gather you guys hit 24 orders of #8 Alt Wiens? They're not available on the drop-down menu.
New Posts  All Forums: