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I only wish I had gotten into good clothing a bit earlier so I could have scored some of the awesome Carmina makeups Epaulet made. Never mind the plentiful/affordable shell back in the day.
Ooh did anyone else see that there's a linen shirt up? I don't have any of those so I grabbed one.
:OI can't wait. Those tees are the best. So soft--perfect fit and drape.
Kinda lame but I'm mostly in need of a totally-standard-dress-shirt-blue oxford button down.
   Hoping against hope...Thanks for the advice!
Does anybody size differently in Barrie for CXL vs shell? Say I comfortably wear 8.5 in CXL. How would a 9 fit in shell? Slightly looser? Almost exactly the same?   Based on the notion that CXL will stretch some, but I've heard shell won't...
Thanks--that gives me some hope for the future. I had finally resolved to buy those on the spot next time they popped up, so I was pretty bummed to think it wasn't even in the run and I would never get the chance. Those Indys look pretty nice, and I'm usually not an Indy fan.
Honestly, if you're not enthusiastic about them already, wait a day to give a chance to someone who has been waiting months or years for them. This shoe is the jack of all trades IMO in terms of function, formality, and pairing.
The fact that all other sizes are still in stock 2 hours later and I've seen 4 people interested in size 7.5 is killing me. I am sure they have statistics and a basis for starting at size 8, but arg >.<
Thanks for the info. Preorder lottery it is, then.
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