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Wait--what's this about a birthday discount?
What's the other pair of sneakers that survived the cull?
@Epaulet: I just wanted to confirm that the speckled chambray preorder is legit. I remember one of these went online a week or two ago and you said it wasn't meant to be live yet?
FfffffuuuuuuuuuI hope it will be a while because I am broke, but I want those red ones bad<3 loud shoes
Well, you might consider doing it anyway? I was waiting on the speckled restock since I missed the first one (hiking). I checked the forum and site a couple times a day. At 7:30am I saw a 6-hour-old post that the restock was in and the smalls were already gone.
Thanks for the reminder on the different sizing. I ordered a specked in medium and a red in small. Either way I'll be wearing a nice chambray :)
I've been watching for this shirt to reappear for weeks and the smalls are already sold out D:
Epaulet doesn't stock any other pants in those sizes, and the just-released 16oz has no stock in 28 or 29. Possible they sold out already but I doubt it.
Safe to assume that @Epaulet will no longer be making Wilshires in 28 and 29?
I jumped on that rusty rose floral with a quickness. Went with small BD +1" body length, +1" arm length, button-down collar. Are those the sort of mods we're able to make to body and arms?   Is a point collar more traditional with flannels? Wondering if I will regret BD vs AD.
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