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I'd love to see the big bubbas straight-on from the side. Either being worn or not.
Someone finally bought the last pair of alabaster trainers in my size...now I can stop staring at them :P Looking forward to my mocha couro cromos!
Is there anyone who has been wearing the jeans a lot that can comment on how much they will stretch? I have both a 29 and a 30 right now. The 30 is basically perfect in the top block but if it stretches much it will be too loose. I can button the 29 and it's quite snug but I didn't have to do any crazy contortions to get it closed. I have a feeling it will end up in the right place. My only point of reference is Epaulet Wilshires. I bought a 29. When new they fit...
This thread was instrumental in me "joining" the brand. Mauro invited someone over to his place to check something out and extended the invitation to anyone else who was interested. I stopped by one weekend, went home, and signed up as a rewards member. There's also been a ton of useful info on here about how the WvG system works that really doesn't come through in the newsletters, IMO.   I do think the people offering critiques are doing it from a place of...
I'm probably the only person who ever wanted this detail, but have you ever considered double button-through pockets? I think of button-through as kinda like an ersatz cigar pocket. The button can hold a pen in place and adds a bit of visual interest. And there aren't any flaps to get in my way. And also: so a small in the old EPLA is basically an extra-small in EPNY?
I spilled oil on some suede shoes and used a similar technique. Ground baby powder into the stain to absorb the oil. Let it sit, brushed it off, and reapplied a number of times. Worked well.
Do you guys maintain try-on pairs of Driggs in 28 and 29 in the Manhattan store? I might be in town soon and I'd like to see how they fit. I haven't wanted to spring for a final-sale MTO pair without trying them on first. Also like to get my size in your jackets.
Looks crazy. Small correction on your copy: "We topped it off with our low-profile banded collar for an extremely rakish look. Our signature high stance button-down collar finishes the shirt off."
Oh man I would love both of those shirts and the mocha trainers but I'm totally tapped out
Thanks. Sold! Boy I hope they fit :) No experience with Carmina/Rain but some quick research has me optimistic.Now I gotta think about a black belt ._. Also you're out of stock on Saphir black cream polish.
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