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  So what's the point of a heavier weight denim then? More durability? Different appearance?
 How much of a difference will those two ounces make in terms of warmth? I was looking forward to the 18oz to keep me pretty warm in winter. Seems like 16oz wouldn't be all that much warmer than the 14oz Kaihara I already have, but still enough to make them uncomfortable in warmer weather.
I just now noticed that you sell gift cards. Looks like my Christmas list this year is only going to have one item on it 
Forgot to ask--do you have a price for the 18oz denim?I've been looking forward to those for months. Can't wait to see 'em.
How's the sizing/fit on the 18oz compared to the 14oz Kaihara?
Is there an inside pocket on each side of the peacoat, or only on the one side as shown?
Mine have some loose threads but I haven't bothered cutting them. I just sort of figured, whether intended or not, that it was just part of their nature/aesthetic.
Thank god the other colors are sold out so I can stop agonizing over a second pair I can't afford.
Looks like the Garand leg opening is the largest of all Epaulet's fits. Interesting combination. I assume it has to do with the military repro aspect of the garment? In my size it's: Driggs 29: 6.5" Rivet 29: 7.25" Walt 28: 7.5" Garand 28/29: 7.75"
So sad I missed cigar...but I can live with oxblood :)
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