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Similar experience, though I think the leather is a minor factor too. I have some 7.5 CXL Barrie that fit very well. I have two pairs of EP 8 tennis lows, one in suede and one in couro cromo. The CC I've recently conceded is just too small to wear. The suede is pretty snug too, but tolerable. I have a third pair in 8.5 grain calf that's perfect. Definitely recommend a full size up from Barrie if you can, especially in a stiff leather.
Mike always warns that this will result with a very slim looking thigh. The measurements on their shorts are wider than the thighs on comparable pants.
Did they do the first one...see it...and then keep going?
What in the F could you do with that wacky ombre? I vote for ripped acid wash jeans and big white high tops :|
Brown (chocolate) is an option for MTOhttp://epauletnewyork.com/collections/special-order/products/mto-rivet-chino-ripstop-solid-camo
I got my denim shirt in but ordered it way too small. If anyone wants a 38 BD with a spread collar let me know. The fabric is awesome and I'm sorry to part with it.
Got my shipping confirmation for denim with circular prints
Any new tennis trainer colorways in the pipe? ...before I pull the trigger on a current model?
I passed on that one cause I've got enough blue/floral shirts but now I'm wishing that was one of them
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