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I just started watching Friends on Netflix and banded collars are everywhere (as are badly fitting suits). Not a jab, I just ordered one myself
Maybe interested in pink pigs or sharks #2. Cool finds
What's the final configuration for this boot? So everyone can get all their deciding out of the way before the F5 attack begins.
Went for Gold Stripe Chambray with a band collar. My first band collar...hope I like it.
What's the timeframe on completion of the suits? I would potentially be looking for one but I'd want to get it in hand by the end of May at the absolute latest.If ~$1000 retail is for RTW how much more would it be for MTO? Probably need MTO to get the fit right. Don't want to F around with too much tailoring afterward.
I hope that gets made up in a banded collar.
The ones on the sides, near the bottom of the laces.
Just wanted to chime in as a contrary voice and vote for no medallion on the facings. It always just looks out of place and awkward to me, like the guy doing the brogueing just didn't know when to stop.
I was just saying this morning I could use a gray sweater. Perfect timing!Quickest decision I ever made on a clothing item with the possible exception of the snuff trainers.
When do you think you'll be selling another pre-order of them?Also, do I understand correctly that you're basically done making Carminas?
New Posts  All Forums: