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Same thing that's great about everything else he makes ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ fit, fabric, price
I'd love to see WvG make a trouser with a higher rise. I'm done with low rises so none of the recent projects have appealed despite some nice fabrics.
I normally wear EPNY small. Fit in the body is quite good. Sleeves are chronically short, shoulders a bit narrow, and body a bit short. Would I have success ordering a medium and tailoring it?   Individualized measurements fit me perfectly at: CHEST 33 SHAPING -5 TAIL LENGTH 30 YOKE 17.5 CUFF 9.25 SLEEVE 34.5 COLLAR 15
I wish the scale of the purple floral was like 2-3X!
I went with Camper and Shepard over the others cause they had a higher natural fiber content. I'm (maybe erroneously) assuming them to be more durable than the others. I'm planning to use these as camping base layers, among other things. They all look awesome and I had to make up some semi-arbitrary criteria here :P
At least you can tailor in that direction? I know it adds cost and PITA, but in my experience it's better than the alternative. The sleeves especially I think won't be an issue. They'll just bunch up a bit without getting in the way if they're snug.
FYI, Mauro's advice to me was "You want a small. I am making the sleeves and body longer."
Can anyone who has some long sleeve shirts comment on sleeve length and fit? I generally wear small monkey arms. If I get these are the sleeves going to be awkwardly short? I could size up to medium, which would also improve shoulder fit. But with these in particular I'm looking for a thermal/close fit, so I'm leery of sizing up.
It drove me nuts and I eventually gave up. jdbee stepping down was the death knell of MFA. It led me to SF though and for that I am grateful. I can understand a college student making the best of a tight budget. But it's hard for me to imagine a professional who cares enough about clothes to visit a forum balking at any of Mauro's prices. The only legitimate complaint I can see is the timeline/delays. But that happens even up at Epaulet's price point with >$1,000 suits and...
I've always wondered about this. Where do they come from?
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