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I've been watching for this shirt to reappear for weeks and the smalls are already sold out D:
Epaulet doesn't stock any other pants in those sizes, and the just-released 16oz has no stock in 28 or 29. Possible they sold out already but I doubt it.
Safe to assume that @Epaulet will no longer be making Wilshires in 28 and 29?
I jumped on that rusty rose floral with a quickness. Went with small BD +1" body length, +1" arm length, button-down collar. Are those the sort of mods we're able to make to body and arms?   Is a point collar more traditional with flannels? Wondering if I will regret BD vs AD.
  So what's the point of a heavier weight denim then? More durability? Different appearance?
 How much of a difference will those two ounces make in terms of warmth? I was looking forward to the 18oz to keep me pretty warm in winter. Seems like 16oz wouldn't be all that much warmer than the 14oz Kaihara I already have, but still enough to make them uncomfortable in warmer weather.
I just now noticed that you sell gift cards. Looks like my Christmas list this year is only going to have one item on it 
Forgot to ask--do you have a price for the 18oz denim?I've been looking forward to those for months. Can't wait to see 'em.
How's the sizing/fit on the 18oz compared to the 14oz Kaihara?
Is there an inside pocket on each side of the peacoat, or only on the one side as shown?
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