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@Mauro: some feedback on hats and mittens: Love the cashmere popcorn hat, wouldn't change a thing. Fit and feel on the mittens is super. I'd like to see them be thicker, though. Next year? If I'm sacrificing the dexterity of gloves for some extra warmth I'm looking for something really heavy duty. I would also be really interested in any manner of gloves in the current weight. I don't know if your factories could do a smartphone compatible one? Would also be interested...
I don't have strong feelings about the shape/angle, but I think in either case the second row of stitching on the formstripe should be the same offset as on the other pieces. The angled piece currently has the second row inset really far and I'm not a fan.
@Mauro you are the fucking man. I just got my rusty rose flannel. God damn. Also the fact that we can alter body/sleeve length on pre-orders. Looking forward to buying more from you soon. Keep the awesome fabrics rolling!
Thanks for the more detailed update. I'm really glad to hear you've spoken with Gitman about it, and it does restore some faith in the process. If this wasn't FF and I wasn't psyched for the shirt I know it would have been a total non-issue to exchange it and move on. I've already worn it a few times. I'm still holding onto mine, the only difference is that I'll probably be a lot less careful with it than I otherwise would. It'll be a deluxe beater shirt for cold weather...
Makes sense. If I had more flannel in my closet I would have done the same. Right now it's only this, and a pending floral from WvG.
I decided I loved the fabric too much to let the placket bother me. Wore it the other day with some Wilshires and it was awesome. No regrets. Same with my Forest Tartan flannel. Still a bit dismayed about the pattern matching but the shirt is still rad. I hope we can expect better from Gitman in the future because as of now I would be wary of future FF orders.
So now I'm noticing that the hem on mine is also longer on my right side (picture left). I'm wondering if both the pattern and hem mismatch issues could be solved by moving all the buttons up a tiny bit. I'll try it on again when I get home and see. Might throw the whole fit out of whack.
Yeah I know that's what kills me :( I heard it was one of only three that got made. Still pondering but I'll expect I'll hold onto it.
Finding the pattern matching a bit distracting here. Am I being crazy or is it pretty noticeable to you guys too?
No kidding? What happened? I'm one of the lucky ones I think. Just got a shipping confirmation for mine in small.
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