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I spilled oil on some suede shoes and used a similar technique. Ground baby powder into the stain to absorb the oil. Let it sit, brushed it off, and reapplied a number of times. Worked well.
Do you guys maintain try-on pairs of Driggs in 28 and 29 in the Manhattan store? I might be in town soon and I'd like to see how they fit. I haven't wanted to spring for a final-sale MTO pair without trying them on first. Also like to get my size in your jackets.
Looks crazy. Small correction on your copy: "We topped it off with our low-profile banded collar for an extremely rakish look. Our signature high stance button-down collar finishes the shirt off."
Oh man I would love both of those shirts and the mocha trainers but I'm totally tapped out
Thanks. Sold! Boy I hope they fit :) No experience with Carmina/Rain but some quick research has me optimistic.Now I gotta think about a black belt ._. Also you're out of stock on Saphir black cream polish.
I'm considering the black Adams PTB as a general purpose dressy black shoe. Oxfords/balmorals are out to due to high insteps--the facings don't close and they're uncomfortable in addition. So the only potential alternative for a "standard black shoe" would be a cap toe blucher. The Rain last seems pretty sleek. Can you think of anyone that would look askance at these at a funeral or an interview? I'm in a casual industry, nothing like finance/law.
What's the issue with Rancourt leather soles? Comfort, durability, something else?
Close enough! That looks amazing. Where did those come from? Is there a list somewhere to get on for another run?
Does anyone make a cigar or ravello alt wien shoe, rather than a boot? Particularly on Barrie?
OMFG that gallery is so dope. Like the format too. I think it's a great way to show what can be done with the FF / EFF fabrics and push people into taking a risk on something far out. Some things on there I was really sad I missed. Love desert sunset with club collar. Happy to see my banded gold stripe chambray represented :) Awesome match with Kaihara Wilshires.
New Posts  All Forums: