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June 16
Opossum was $85 retail - CharcoalVerbena was $105 retail - Slate blueI am so stoked. I think they'll make great undershirts while I wait for next summer. Can't help but think of Macklemore's proverbial $50 tee shirt but wtf does he know? I don't know why I would ever buy a tee from anyone other than Mauro anymore.
 Snozzberry was some sort of lightweight colorful plaid L/S button-down I believe. I can't remember anymore.Opossum was 95% Linen and 5% stretchVerbena was 77% linen and 23% silkSo--pretty fucking awesome. That's basically what WvG is known for IMO. Just send Mauro an email to change my shipping address and he gave me some timeline updates:Mid October for the bamboo. I am hoping the same for the rest.Snoozberry left Italy already.The tees should be done towards the end of...
 Not OP, but I'm waiting on:Bamboo Sorona Short Sleeve Tee "Stone" - MEDIUM / Roll-NeckBamboo Sorona Short Sleeve Tee "Storm Blue" - SMALL / Roll-NeckSnozzberryOpossum Roll Neck Tee - Roll Neck Crew / Short Sleeve / Charcoal GrayVerbena Classic Crew - Classic Crew Neck / Short Sleeve / Slate Blue And more recent so I don't really count these:Shepard Tee Marled Wine - Small / WineCamper Tee - Small / Aluminum I might have a self-control problem...
Any open stock on these?
Charcoal rezzo twill
Same thing that's great about everything else he makes ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ fit, fabric, price
I'd love to see WvG make a trouser with a higher rise. I'm done with low rises so none of the recent projects have appealed despite some nice fabrics.
I normally wear EPNY small. Fit in the body is quite good. Sleeves are chronically short, shoulders a bit narrow, and body a bit short. Would I have success ordering a medium and tailoring it?   Individualized measurements fit me perfectly at: CHEST 33 SHAPING -5 TAIL LENGTH 30 YOKE 17.5 CUFF 9.25 SLEEVE 34.5 COLLAR 15
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