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Aurum i basically ready,i'm waiting only for box and bags,you can order any last you want now,send me e-mail
For this Shoes i tried same techniques of Aurum,but it is not Aurum,it is quasy prototype,like C&A shoes Aurum is Better of Course in Always.
This is not Bespoke,is MTO standard shoes,with adjustment of the last for the costumer,it is not Bespoke.You can Order Bespoke from me in NApoli,you have to came to Napoli,and the price 1700 Euro is for Bespoke with Aurum finishing. Bespoke is when i make a new last based on the costumers foot.I hope it is clear
These shoes are not my normal production.Like C&A's boots I used some test methodologies for Aurum on these shoes.  Please do not think that some of the points that you see on these shoes will be available on my normal shoes.
      AURUM................  Coming soon.........
No,this is non Aurum Line,Aurum is in prototjpe 90% finished.   i think end of April Aurum is ready   I hope you'll  all like it. 
This is a ptotoype,   two more months to see the ultimate collection  of new forms and models...........
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