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First prototype test of a new shoe. Aurum model Catalina boot. Seamless wholecut Adelide model.          
I have problems with Paypal. I have to show proof of delivery in seven days after payment. If I do not they block payment. I cannot deliver shoes made to order in 7 days.
  First Aurum coming soon. Model Fabiana 3 eyelet derby in midnight blue nubuck croco.
Ok yes that is the economic line.
You tried in Isetan my shoes? Was it the economic line or more expensive line?
I only use natural ingredients for color my shoes. After coloring I only use wax and I do not use synthetic like Acrylic. The colors of my shoes do not dissapear because the color goes inside the leather and not only on top.
Two shoes that I am making now. First one is second production Aurum shoe, now is not finish coloring, is dark blue and white alligatore. I make the final shoes in color all blue like jeans.             Second shoe is normal work, not Aurum. Costumer does not want alligatore in the heel so later I make it black.  
            A early prototype of the Aurum shoes.  I make this before T4phage shoes.
I am happy you are happy with the shoes
The shoes with some Aurum test work like for C&A, grc1 and AlexG33 I was testing some methods for Aurum shoes. These kind of work is not available to order because it is only to try new systems. I make these tests before making the Aurum prototype like the shoes of T4phage. My standard shoes you can order with optionals like different color soles, metal tips, etc.Aurum line is almost ready. I wait only for boxes and shoe bags.
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