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  A new model for Aurum called Junius
  Some of my Aurum shoes in the showroom
The costumer ordered this shoes two months ago and I was still trying some technics of Aurum work on some costumers shoes. Is why maybe you see some little different from my normal shoes.
This is a new shoe for a costumer. It is a double monk made in my normal finishing not Aurum.                  
I do not have purple shoes now but is very easy to make the color very dark purple black antiqued. I can make it museum baby calf purple black antiqued
If the costumer sends me measures before ordering the shoes, I can see if they need to have a modified last and then I can the costumer before paying. For standard shoes I have charge for modifying the last. For Aurum line I have a charge for modifying the last and make a trial shoe.
I want to say that I have changed my email address for ordering shoes. Please use this new one instead of the angellilo12 email   A.dAM.Calzoleria AT  (please remove spaces and add @ . I write like this so I get less spam)
I am trying to find other method. PayPal will not work with made to order shoes because I have to send in 7 days and show proof of shipping. I cannot do made to order shoes in 7 days. If you want to can do by western union if you register with them the price is lower.
My Aurum line is now ready. I have made some shoes for 3 customers Model Fabiana: 3 eyelet derby in midnight blue nubuck crocodile Model Romulus: captoe Adelaide in crocodile and blue jeans boxcalf Model Juliana: 3 eyelet derby boot in black kidskin with purple trim Model Rufus: Double buckle monkstrap in crust handcolored brown                                  
First prototype test of a new model in Aurum. Model Cataline boot wholecut seamless, adelide model.          
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