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wI will also get the tan 70318 in a few days!
Has anyone information if there are plans for a briefcase/computer bag in this combination of twill and tin cloth? Like the sportsman and this zippered tote? That would be the deal!!
Great! I looked at the bureau of Belfast ones and hesitated too long.. How is the fit? Did you size tts? How's the walking on that sole??
I got mine yesterday. the zippered tote in this limited edition is one of the smartest bags I have seen so far. simple but well balanced in regards of style and size
yuketen plain toe derbies w ripple sole?
For sure not a word like this... There are more examples we're notproud of.
Is that one of the German words frequently used in English?
Def would love to see the limited edition ones.. Hard to get in Europe..
who has pictures of the 70318 - the tan zippered tote bag - limited edition with tin cloth parts -  in the wild? 
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