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I'm 8.5 in country ranger and hermosa sneaker and 9 in chukka and guide Maine. Mostly because the last two one are my winter shoes..
Thanks Mistral for your very detailed answer! Will the difference in weight (14.7 vs. 15.7) matter fading-wise? I´m not too keen on the battle stripes and prefer a clean look..
Last week I had the chance to try 2 different Momotaro Jeans (The G007 and the 0705SP) and some Japan Blue ones in person:   I am pretty sure now about my correct size (sized up by one in Momotaro, stayed with my usual size in JB).   But although this has been discussed here many time, I still have some questions:   - what is the difference between old blue (G007) and deep blue (G017) indigo? - is the fit exactly the same comparing 0705SP and ER007? - is the indigo...
 Canadian, ey? Very funny to see the TD customer toilet posting in the background..Are you in TO? Where do you buy NC in TO?Cheers!PS: used to live a couple years in Toronto..
I guess most do.. (definitely I do)
growing popularity?? really? looking at most stores here in germany it´s more of a decline! even the biggest buyer in berlin is not ordering a lot anymore.. I am personally very sad about this and also because of the price increase!  unfortunately, NC is growing only out of my budget..
 great jeans! wore them while traveling New Zealand for two months. got them from cultizm.com
Do You have a picture of that as an example?
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