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I´m in for the Scout Boot. Most underrated boot imo. The Bison with large ripple sole was a killer but only 4 pairs were made due to the shortage of  leather. Would love to see that one!
Great pics, thanks! I am surprised that no one asked this already: which brand are the chinos? Thx
I got the 0305-2G indigo/gray in 18oz. They say it is 2 sizes smaller so I got a 33 (my usual waist size would be 31). Honestly I could have sized up to an 34.. I have it more than a year, no wash before 6 month of daily wear, now 3-4 washes.. The thing is still pretty stiff and not comfortable at all. The leg opening is super narrow and I wear them when I want to put them in the boots, a can not get them over higher/ engineer boots.I have 3 momos and will start to sell...
I was referring to my iron heart size = same size 702. Or would u even go up sizewise compared to the momo 305? That would be a 34 and my usual size is 31..
Ok. The 305 is a very slim cut, so with the 702 one could probably go one size down..
Did u pick up the same size? I'm a 32 in my IH555 but have sized up to 33 in my momotaro 305..
Thanks! So should I stick to the same size as in my IH 555 (Size32) which is a perfect fit w/o being too tight..?
Great Pictures! What colour is that?
Dear Kiya,   how is the fit of the IronHeart 301 compared to the new 777 style? Both seem to have a lower rise and a slim straight cut   Thanks!
Follow up on my 2 zippered Tote Bags: I found a professional saddle maker, who attached brass D-rings (from Austria) on both sides of the bag. She managed to cut the leather like the other bridle parts of that bag. I separately got the Filson shoulder strap and the bag now looks as it has been made by Filson this way.        
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