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 Its the one I posted 2 pages before..
Model: Scout Boot Last: 2030 Leather: Moose leather or Bison Color: Tan Sole: Vibram ripple Toe: Plain Cap Toe
      new natural CXL Servive Boots right out the box and after the first trip to the playground with the kids..
Scout Boot 2030 Last Bison Tan leather or other Pebble Grained Tan leather Large Ripple sole Pull tab --> and not only 4 pairs as last time!! Boondocker 2030 Last Rough Out Mini Ripple Sole
I guess many peolpe are also really dissapointed about just 4 pairs being made after the huge hype on the Bison Scout Ripple Sole Boot. This is by far the best makeup of the Scout Boot I've seen! Wouldn't there be enough people interested in a group order as soon as the leather becomes available again? How could that be organized?
Yeah that's weird! That's why I replied. My main guide is my winter boot (4th year now) and wanted it to be wide a enough to be able to wear thick socks. The country ranger and the hermosa sneaker are my summer shoes and the fit with no socks/ thin ones is just perfect! Love them!
I have a country ranger in 8.5 and a Maine guide in 9
I tried to order and then my PayPal window showed up in french! I was worried it got hacked and aborted the procedure. Hey I´m in europe - but please, not in France! Anyone else? Duty-wise: will the package show the actual price? another 20% duty fees?? If so I would rather let them be send to a friend in the US. Any other european / german customer with experience from last time?
 can anyone post a picture of "Rust Stampede"?? I have no idea how that looks like..
Hi there,   I am trying to find the right Iron heart model for me. I love the texture of the denim and the subtle details. The only IH-model I tried in person so far was the 634S-BLK in size 31. I liked the style, but found it a bit too wide for me and prefer a slimmer cut and a lower rise (waist). I´m a 31 in the 3sixteen shadow selvage and a 33 in Momo 0305   How would be the IH-555S-BLK 21 compared to the 634 or the 666 in terms of shape/cut and rise?   Would...
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