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I just freaked out looking at your album: I went to university in Wuerzburg and visited my old little lovely city last week again!I will email vince also..
Totally agree! W/o the commando sole it would be a no brainer.It looks unbalanced imo..
How's the walking on that ripple sole? Do a lot of small stones get caught in there? Do they have different lasts to choose from?
Great, can i be your boyfriend??
Boston has one of the best masterminds regarding EG and who's also a SF affiliate and frequent poster in EG threads: Drinkwaters in Cambridge. I bought a Bedford there. The shop looks more like a classic mensware store from the outside but the people there are true experts. Boston has many stores otherwise to look around for Alden, Yuketen and so on.. Good luck.Sizewise: I'm 178cm tall, have wide shoulders but am generally more on the slimmer side, waist 32, 80kg and need...
Have you looked at that newly released 48hrs briefcase/duffle??http://www.filson.com/luggage-bags/duffle-bags/48-hour-duffle-70328.html#220It might fill the gap, as it has a large main compartment and the pockets at the from as the briefcases.I whish the would do these in the mix of twill and tin cloth like the sportsman. That would give the bag some own stiffness w/o making it too rigid and bulky..
How ist the leather? I heard that it is very soft and the toe box collapses easily.. Any pics after how much wear?(I don't want to hear what you paid fro them..)
I wrote Tate and yoko some time ago and got told that their corporation with Viberg ended. They only have 4-5 pairs in total on two models left. They don't expect more to come.. I would love to see that tan moose SB again..
No, nothing like that. I will just get two pieces of tin cloth or canvas sewn to the seams that attach fronts and sides of the bag. More like a sleeve..I realised that we here in Europe still have ( and always had) so much more real craftsmanship all around. It's not that difficult to get things customized..
Looks like I'm not the only one who thought about or dealt with this.. On the zippered tote there is a small leather flap on both sides where the zip ends. I will ask my cobbler if he can punch a metal hole ring in there and do some additional stitches there. I will try to get a Folsom shoulder strap with a carabiner to attach it there. I'm also in the process of adding one or two dividers to the bag to separate a document map and the laptop/iPad from the main compartment..
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