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This thread has been a consistent source of knowledge and entertainment. Bravo gents, bravo.
I have learned more from this one thread, then searching for hours elsewhere. I also realize how little of clothes I own, and that I don't know how to match for sh!#.   btw, read whole thread pretty much in one work shift, and my favorite quote thus far:    
Thank you much good sir.
Edit, I suppose from 10 feet it looks solid gray yes, but within you can see the pattern.
     Hello gentlemen, using my first post virginity to ask you fellows for some advice. A small intro to get you acquainted, I am 24 in Orlando, FL and very new to the sport coat atmosphere. Since 18 I have ditched t-shirts and gone mostly polos and long sleeves as it is a more appealing style to me. Although I recently decided it's time to step it up. I am not well off so my first two sport-coats purchased the other day are nothing fancy but will do a nice intro. First...
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