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Anyone know when the semi-annual sale is going to come?  Always forgot the date....
I saw this outwear in a film.  And I think it is very flattering.  Just wondering where can I buy it?  Thanks !!   
    May I ask when is the corp discount date?  Thanks!
Hi, Gentlemen:   May I ask when is the semi annual sale for this summer?  Thanks! :)
  Thank you for your kind description.  Do I have to live in SC in order to be in their service area?  I'm Chicago suburb.  Thank you!
Could somebody tell me what is the difference between seconds and regular AEs?  If they are used, then am I correct to say the only place to get them are on eBay?  Also, I'm confused where and when do AE go on sale?  I never seen they go on sale online...  Thank!
That one is indeed very intriguing!  Anywhere else :)
Could somebody suggest some smart (preferably affordable also) restaurants in Chicago loop area for a Valentine date?  Thank you!
I'm getting so confused with the AE sales...  Their email doesn't help!!!
Could somebody tell me when is the best time to purchase from AE.  I'm looking for AE park avenue for around $ 150.   I'm Chicago.  There is a Michigan Ave store in downtown.  I don't know their sales event as intimate as BB's.  Many thanks, gents. 
New Posts  All Forums: