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Gentlemen:   Since AE leather shoes are made of animals' skin.  Would it be a good idea to apply hand cream or skin protectant on leather shoes (like AE PA) for better protection, etc.?  I applied hand cream on my leather wallet before, it seems to restore its health a bit.  At that time, I didn't have any shoe care products.  But now I have AE shoe polish, leather conditioner, lotion, etc.  Thus, my question boil down to:   hand cream or skin protectant for human skin...
 Thanks for the information.  I just conditioned, applied some leather lotion, and polished them several time tonight before my first ware.  
 Heeding advice of pros on SF, I decide to keep these shoes.  I just applied some leather conditioner / lotion on this pair to see if I can somehow restore the shape a bit.  Many thanks for the inputs.
 Strand Bourbon looks fantastic!
   Many thanks for your opinions.  The dilemma is keeping an imperfect shoe vs. purchasing a potentially perfect shoe at full retail price given that the sales event is now gone.  The shoe is in my size, and I have a black PA that fits me perfectly.  I haven't tried this pair on yet because I was thinking about returning before coming here for enlightenment.  After hearing garland and peppercorn78's insights, I might just keep them because I might the only one who knows or...
Gentlemen:   Really need your insights here for potential defects on the AE PA in merlot I got on close-out sales.   The Allen Edmonds Park Avenue in Merlot I ordered has creases on the shoe before I was able to try them on first.  The pictures below show the right side of the left shoe; the same is true for the left side of the right shoe.  The outward sides of the shoes have no such problem though.  I tried to get a product replacement, but AE no longer makes merlot...
 You are right.  Unfortunately, once I know the price had been as low as $ 221, I sort of use that as a psychological benchmark.  Not that it is right.  :)
 That is the pricing I saw on their schedule.  Let me know if you can make the sales associates go even lower.  It would be nice if they are willing to go for $ 229.  That price is historical price.  Other gentlemen on the board said those are the days long gone...
 Yes, I saw that pricing also. :)
 Thank you for your reply.  Really should have made the investment earlier.  A related question is that I have a pair of windtip from BB (maybe made by C&J), are they eligible for recrafting at C&J?  If not, can I send in to BB for recrafting?  Thanks !
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