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  They'd already added a few weeks to the usual delivery time, but they shipped my items today. Now, there's another problem; it looks like they mixed up some of my measurements and applied the adjustments to the wrong places (for instance, +.5in to the shoulders instead of the sleeves). The alteration credit won't fix that...looks like I may be out of $$$ for shipping it back to them. I had an uneasy feeling about ordering from them again anyway. Now I know.
It depends on what your school's culture is like. There are some high schools where the guys all wear black (or midnight blue) tuxedos, and there are some where the guys dress like Huggy Bear. There are some high schools where the girls all wear nice evening gowns, and there are some where the girls look like they're heading to "the stroll."
  Thanks...yep, it's Mamba.
Why are you embarrassed to return them? Isn't there a return policy on the back of your receipt?
  ...agreed. I've got 3 pairs of AE seconds, and in my estimation, they're every bit as good as the firsts that I own. 2 of the 3 pairs of seconds (Neumora and McAllister) literally had no marks or creases on them. OP either caught a tough break or (more likely) had unrealistic expectations...seems like he's wrecked a few pairs of shoes in his day.   The simple solution is to stop being cheap and to just buy directly from AE, where all of the return and recraft luxuries...
I'm pretty sure that #11 is Kobe Bryant. I think that it was in Kobe's cover edition of GQ. Kudos to The Black Mamba.   Are these scores on a 1-10 scale? IMO, #5 is complete rubbish....6.4?...really? That's the only one that immediately jumps out at me.   It's loose and obviously just for entertainment, but this is a nice idea. Kudos to you too OP.
The first picture is no better than "ok." That's like a Men's Wearhouse picture. The second picture can't be judged. The third looks good. The fourth can't be judged. Unfortunately, my grey 3-piece has the VERY low U vest, so it probably wouldn't be much help.
lol...I'll defer to your expertise on this.
  I thought the same...anyone know if that's right?
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