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You can't see the fit on the second guy's outfit...first guy's fit is alright. What are we voting on here? Which outfit is the most visually appealing?...second guy's by a mile. Which one would I wear?...neither.
Tall Hanes?
  Yeah. Taking in otr shirts is only a good idea when you're in a pinch or you see a pattern that you just have to have. You just end up spending more for a shirt that isn't quite right. For the price of a RL, couldn't you just buy a mtm? That's probably what I'd do.
Are you serious OP? What do you do when you see a fold in your shirt, fresh out of the box? Would you make a thread for that too, or would you just plug in your steamer and fix it?
It looks like a sharkskin blue suit that I have.
This is a stupid thread. Did you really need to create a thread for this? I'm sure that you have a half-assed style blog that you could have added this to.
The black shoes look fine. Whether brown shoes will look better depends on your taste, the shade of brown and the rest of your outfit.
I think that the suit supply one is gone. It shouldn't be too tough to find one. I'm not sure what your price range is, but on the low end of cost, you may be able to find something interesting in Jos. A. Bank or The Men's Wearhouse.
You probably bought seconds, in which case, a "cosmetic defect" would be expected.
New Posts  All Forums: