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  If you really believe that, then your "blind idealist" period has lasted a lot longer than most people's do. Gainful employment and wealth are ALWAY at least as important to women as those other things. The economic climate just makes them more important. Once you accept that, women are easy (literally and figuratively).
  What helps:   1a) letting me know about a problem when it's still a tiny problem rather than waiting until it's too big for them to handle. 1b) having possible solutions to the problems that they bring to me. I may not use the solutions, but it's good to know that people are thinking like problem-solvers.   What doesn't help:   1) see 1a 2) Pawning off their responsibilities on their subordinates OR flat out not doing the little things that they think that no one pays...
Investigate the salary range at the company for your position ahead of time. If you can, look it up for specifically for your city. You should know that going into the interviews. After all, if the pay's too low, then the interview could be a waste of time.   If you give the interviewer you current/past pay information, make sure that you include any possible bonuses with your number.   FOCUS ON NAILING THE INTERVIEW. Managers are usually willing to concede...
details? pictures? VIDEO?
    I'd just put it into my bank account. GET RICH QUICK schemes rarely work, and you'd be much more likely to walk away with less than $1,500. If you "ran into" money, why would you be focused on making it into "little bit more than that" instead of being glad that you "ran into" it in the first place? That type of greedy and wishful thinking is exactly why people get suckered into losing their money.
1pg is the general expectation, and people are lazy, so they don't want to do more work than what's expected. A lot of recruiters and managers don't even like to fully read 1 page resumes. They look for certain things, and they move on, so if you've got two (or more) pages, then you've just written more words that no one will read. Most people don't have NEARLY enough relevant information to justify more than one page. Just keep it to one.
Working long term in an industry or position that you hate isn't a part of life. That's what suckers who can't do better (or who just aren't ambitious enough to try to do better) say to explain why their lives suck without blaming themselves. You've got a few options:   1) If you like the company or see potential in higher positions, take action to find out what you need to do to get promoted. If it still sounds good, then focus on that instead of how much you hate your...
Is she your stepsister or something? Did you grow up in separate households? Were you molested as a child? I've never heard a man speak with such disdain for his sister.   She's made it to 50, and if she's satisfied with wear she is, then I don't see what the problem is. She's obviously not needy enough to stop being a "bitch," so maybe you should stop judging, and let her be.
lol...tiny little man.
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