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...your idea of "versatile" is what?
I doubt that you're "forced to go mtm." You probably haven't done enough investigating. You've got a month, I'd take part of the weekend to do a little reading and to try on a few different brands. Realistically, you could buy a mtm suit and still need additional adjustments.
It just looks like a "normal" 3 button jacket. That little "roll" looks more like it's pressed down.
If you were basing your measurements on an Indochino suit, then why did you change the measurements? Did I read that the wrong way? Look inside of the wrist. You should be able to see how much material is left. The problem is that if you lengthen the sleeves, your cuff buttons will be further away from the sleeve opening. Most people won't notice, but it's something to think about.
I haven't bought a shirt from ModernTailor, but I've bought a few suits from them, and they were great, so their shirts are probably pretty good too. It all comes down to taking good measurements and communicating.
I guess it depends on your body shape and how you like your clothes to fit. A lot of my shirts are even more fitted in the stomach area than the shirts in OP's pictures are. They look great, and it feels like I'm wearing nothing at all. Not at all. I wore one tonight. My stomach's pretty tight. If you have a different body shape and don't like really slim shirts, it may not fit as comfortably.
  Yeah, that's not bad at all.
I'm not sure what you mean by "billowing." If you're talking about the excess fabric that comes out of the waistband, then it looks like some of those pictures have "billowing." I hate that. To reduce it, you have to not only slim down the shirt's waist but also it's hips. That extra material comes from the wider hip area sliding out from your waistband.   If you're having an off-the-rack shirt adjusted, just make sure that you communicate where to adjust and how... know who the "fellow wearing yellow" is. ADMIT IT!
You can't see the fit on the second guy's outfit...first guy's fit is alright. What are we voting on here? Which outfit is the most visually appealing?...second guy's by a mile. Which one would I wear?...neither.
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