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I just visit Weinburg's Hosiery. Find a local place, and buy there on the cheap.
Stop worrying about whether it says "slim fit" on the tag, and focus on how the suit actually fits you. You need to try a few suits on to figure out what looks good on you. Slim-fit doesn't tell you much about how an item will fit you. Companies just know that it's what customers like to hear. It's like putting "natural" on a food product. Unless you get specifics, it means nothing, but it sounds good. Most people are just too simple to realize that.
What's mad max? Maybe if you clarify that, I'll be able to figure out how I should respond.
In some cases, dress rubber soles can be a nice alternative to leather.
  +1 The large lapels make me think of old man clothes.
They're called "split toe" shoes. There's an easy solution; if you don't like the line, then STOP BUYING SPLIT TOES. That's like asking, "why do so many shoes have these stupid wings on the side?"   Buy plain toe shoes.
....not good....looks like a costume. Of course, if you like it, go for it.
Only if you're an idiot who doesn't realize that you can find discounted first quality items fairly easily
To each her/his own. These online mtm companies are hit or miss. You can find the same complaints directed towards just about any one of them. A lot of it just comes down to whether this is for you or not.
Being difficult doesn't get you anywhere when you're communicating entirely by phone or email. All that they have to do is hang-up/not respond. Being upset about the outcome of your purchase is fine, but aggressive emails and phone calls usually won't get you anywhere. You're not going to get any extra empathy effort with a bad attitude.
New Posts  All Forums: