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I take it item by item. There are some things that I see and don't mind paying full price for (either because I really like them or because the full price is reasonably low). I don't think that there's any one category of items that I'm more often than not willing to pay full price for. Not many otr/rtw items are worth full retail, IMO. There's almost always a promotional price around the corner or someone, who's just as reputable, selling the item for less.
    In these pictures, the shirt sleeves still look too long, but the jacket sleeves are tough to call. The pants legs still look too short. The shoulders don't look as good in these pictures. They're ok, but there's something strange going on with the right shoulder. Maybe you just need to adjust the jacket on yourself.
They probably aren't strangely disproportionate. You're just a typical guy who thinks that his thighs are more muscular than they really are. Some pants just have a more full cut than others. IMO, those look bad on most people (regardless of calf size). A lot of brands have a more tapered line though. Chances are that some of your favorite brands do. Just search for descriptions like "tapered," "tailored fit" etc.
  It's tough to call with that lighting, the wrinkles and your arms crossed. The pants look too short. The sleeves (jacket and shirt) look too long. The shoulders don't look bad, and the chest doesn't look too small either. the lapels look like they need to be repressed though. If you have a tailor shorten the sleeves and lengthen the pants, it may be alright. Still, I need better pictures for better feedback.
...agreed. I think that their system has a built in assumption that you'll need to have alterations done (if not a complete remake). That's probably why they emphasize the "perfect fit guarantee." After you've gotten the first suit, you figure out what doesn't look/feel right so that the next one will be close to perfect. The emphasis is on "look/feel." From my string of emails with Indochino, I learned that you have to adjust your measurements strictly based on how the...
...different strokes for different folks. IMO, most of the website pictures for companies like BB, TMW and JAB are unenviable. Those 3 are no different. They're not terrible, but they don't make me want to see/read more.
  +1 on this. That's the only thing that jumped out at me. Those are both nice shoes though. Enjoy.
What's your chest, waist and height? I'm 6ft, 42 chest, 30 waist (athletic/muscular). I bought both a medium and a large. The medium looks perfect in the body, but the sleeves were about an inch and a half too short, so I let them out (I have long arms), and I'd probably pop the top button (if I ever use it).   The large has a bit more space in the chest, so if I wanted to close the top button or wear an unusual number of layer, I'd wear the L. The sleeves have a bit more...
I agree with the other poster. The cut and the padding make a big difference. When it comes to my things, I have a pretty keen eye for detail, and like you, when the shoulders are slightly off (even by .25" on one shoulder) on my jacket, it's unsettling. Sometimes, it's better to use the eye test than you stick to a specific measurement.
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