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....fixed that for you. I've never had that problem with Indochino. How did the hips/rise fit?
The idea that AE would lose a "HUGE customer base" by going offshore is silly and naive. The majority of people (here and outside of the forums) would continue to buy unless there was a noticeable change in quality and/or price. Over-excited customers always claim that they'll go elsewhere if the company does "X," but they rarely come even close do fulfilling those threats. It's called "throwing a tantrum."
I have the Brooks Newmok. It's a great-looking shoe. Enjoy.
Since "the news," this thread has been surprisingly slow. I imagine people caressing their AE's on the floor and hoping for a miracle.
Uh oh...Da shxt dun hit da fan!
No chance. I think that I see where you're going, but I'd rather just buy the clothes. Wearing rented clothes is disturbing. Honestly, would YOU wear rented outfits? How would you go about choosing which outfits would be offered? How many copies of each outfit would you have to have? Then, you throw in all of the different sizes. A big reason for why tuxedo rental works is because they only offer a handful of designs. A business like the one that you're suggesting would...
I bought that blazer as well. I went with the single-breast and large peak lapels, but I went with the leather buttons, elbow patches and a 1-button closure.
In that case, pony up the money, and buy the SA's. Stop looking for cheaper alternatives, and buy the one that you want.
The seller's probably not getting a high enough bid, so he's not honoring the sale and reposting them.
Where are you going to get them? They were discontinued a while ago. Do you wear an odd size?
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