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LOL! If they'll take THOSE back after you admit to wearing them 30 times (and they look every bit like you did), then they have a very generous return policy.
...spoken like a man who takes his cyber persona too seriously. It's nice to know that one jab can provoke such a passionate response, haha...troll bait at its finest.
   Why'd it take so long? I ordered mine about a month and a half ago and got them only 2 days later. They are great-looking shoes.
    I've got to admit, OP's picking you guys apart with the type of pin-point logic that we need more of around these parts.
The color's definitely more like the website photos above. The other pictures are probably in front of lights and edited. I have the bourbon Hanover, and it's a deep brown.
nice, but are you wearing "dad jeans?"
....fixed that for you. I've never had that problem with Indochino. How did the hips/rise fit?
The idea that AE would lose a "HUGE customer base" by going offshore is silly and naive. The majority of people (here and outside of the forums) would continue to buy unless there was a noticeable change in quality and/or price. Over-excited customers always claim that they'll go elsewhere if the company does "X," but they rarely come even close do fulfilling those threats. It's called "throwing a tantrum."
I have the Brooks Newmok. It's a great-looking shoe. Enjoy.
New Posts  All Forums: