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I think that someone posted it a few pages back.
Someone would try to return them. With all of the return policy and discount tricks that people brag about here, you should know that they can't be Unless there is an upfront "no return" agreement, I don't think that they'll do it.
I'm not saying that it's normal or abnormal as I have no clue what types of abuse OP may have put those shoes through, and neither do you. I'm saying that, based on how they look and the fact that he's worn them at least 30 times already, it's hard to believe that any retail store would take them back. "Like new" is a pretty standard requirement. When the item looks as thoroughly used as those shoes do, even proving that there was a defect to begin with (and not just...
LOL! If they'll take THOSE back after you admit to wearing them 30 times (and they look every bit like you did), then they have a very generous return policy.
...spoken like a man who takes his cyber persona too seriously. It's nice to know that one jab can provoke such a passionate response, haha...troll bait at its finest.
   Why'd it take so long? I ordered mine about a month and a half ago and got them only 2 days later. They are great-looking shoes.
    I've got to admit, OP's picking you guys apart with the type of pin-point logic that we need more of around these parts.
The color's definitely more like the website photos above. The other pictures are probably in front of lights and edited. I have the bourbon Hanover, and it's a deep brown.
nice, but are you wearing "dad jeans?"
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