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Probably the same person who produces Li'l' Wayne's sweaters.
A lot schools have interview assistance through their Career Center. You may be able to do mock interviews and get feedback from someone who's familiar with the industry. Check with your school. That could be a great solution.
I thought the same thing. That's why I didn't respond. Sometimes, common sense is the last thing that people use.
It looks alright. It's hard to give a good critique from those pictures, so I won't go far with this. As you mentioned, the sleeves are obviously too long. The shoulders are a bit too wide. In real life (the only thing that matters) you'll look fine. Congrat's on the job.
You should wear the matching vest that came with it. If you don't have one, then don't wear one.
I'm not sure how it used to be, but if it was better than it is now
I agree with this. Most people who have education in engineering and hard sciences don't want anything to do with lawschool. They stick it out as engineers until they get tired of spinning the wheels on the lower levels. Then, they get a MBA.
Yes. IMO, they're too wide for notch lapels. They make the jacket look like a costume piece. Of course, some people will disagree.
It's an orphaned suit jacket.
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