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Are you designing Snoop Dogg's outfit for the Player's Ball this year?
  Well, you're a 7K+ posts member on a style website, lol. Most people aren't. See my above post.
Instead of clothes, some people would rather spend their money on homes, luxury goods and vacations. The fact that they make a lot of money doesn't change that.
Do you mean that you want to have a jacket made or altered? If you want to have it altered, you should look up a few places in your area. Once you've called to find out about their prices and made your choice, take in a simple item (like a shirt) for a test. If you like it, you're good to go. If you don't, repeat with a different place.   If you're looking for someone to make items for you, then you can look that up online as well. There are plenty of sites (like...
Yes. I meant the 4th (or 3rd) picture. That could be what's causing pulling in the back. Adding to the shoulders may solve the problem in the back, but it may make the front view look bad. Agreed...but, from what I've seen, most of those other companies (that offer higher quality online mtm suits) have very basic (if not shxtty) website layouts and do very little advertising. Their advertising and promotional expenses are probably MUCH lower than Indochino's, so they can...
Firstly, congratulations, and thanks for the cliffnotes.   +1 to this. If you just took the time to do a search here, you'd find far more answers than you're going to get in this thread. Most users are just going to skip your thread because the question's been asked so many times. ...agreed. OP, why were you so lackluster?
They do it because it's cheap and easy to mass-produce. It's the same reason for why they're so fickle when it comes to feature adjustments. If you get too technical, wage expenses go up. Do your shoulders hunch forward?
You can, but I don't know how it will turn out.
If you don't care about extra room, then this is a good strategy.
Don't worry too much about it. Wear them with jeans or chinos (khakis). You've got better things to worry about than classy outfits.
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