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Yeah OP. It's like you have a built in gangster lean.
....interesting. I got a pair at a DEEP discount when they first started, last year. Mine are fine. You do get what you pay for though. I think that they're comparable to other similarly priced shoes.
It's tough to critique the fit in that "holding up camera" pose, but the lapels look fine. The sleeves are obviously at least an inch too long.
"Idiocy" is a more fitting word than "rudeness."...but this is an internet forum. What do you expect? The fact that it's a Classic Menswear thread doesn't make the people less juvenile.
Pictures of your "gym routine" or gtfo. How many of these threads are we going to have?   As far as your last question goes, most people ....MOST PEOPLE...don't know what a RLPL is, so they won't care. A suit that fits is a much bigger issue. Once you get past that, most people won't notice. If you're not getting compliments from women, then there's probably a pretty obvious reason for it. lol...that comment makes you seem like a woman who's trying to explain why...
Exactly. I'm sure that someone's made a decent attempt at pulling it off, but I'd stay away.
If by "sport coat" you mean "matching grey pinstripe jacket," then yes. You can wear a "sport coat." If you mean anything other than that and you DON'T want to look like The Joker, then no.
A lot of MTM companies will do that. Indochino may do it by request. I'll have to ask them. I have the opposite of OP's problem. My shoulders are more pulled back (last picture), so the yoke (back of shoulders) measurement needs to be a bit smaller so that the shoulders don't look too big from the back.
Don't worry about it. As long as the floor's carpeted, you'll be ok. If it's not, then just make sure that you're on top. I doubt that the other swingers club members will mind your soles.
New Posts  All Forums: