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Why would OP come into contact with bodily fluids at work? OP, do you work in a urine factory?
...depends on the length of your arms and torso/legs proportion. That's a common simplification. I've got long arms and legs; my fingertips don't touch the bottom of my jacket...not even close. My arms are rarely straight at my side, so it doesn't matter.
In real life, no one will care. Wear the brown shoes.
What do you mean by "modern made?"
I agree that you first suit shouldn't be bespoke. Why?...because you probably don't know enough about suit fit or quality to be able to see through all of the crap. There are a lot of "custom" tailors who sell fused and half-canvassed garbage for premium prices, and people who are eager to say that their suit is custom-made unwittingly patronize them. Don't be one of those people. Do a little reading. Try on a few suits. Once you've settled for one, take it to a local...
I'm not going to open your diseased file. Embed it or gtfo.
...seems like YOU were the wife to me...LOL!   OP, before you make a decision, it would probably be a good idea to think about what it is that you actually want to do for a living. You're an adult. Have at least a little direction.
People here are biased towards BB. You can't let the fact that most people vote for BB make your decision for you. If I had to pick one of those two, I'd probably pick BB too, but it's because I think that the owner of TaT is a prick. It's not because I like BB.
  ...sort of like a half-eaten apple on a pile of shxt.
"Worth" is 100% subjective. You have to decide on that for yourself.
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