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Correction:   Styleforum is for the "lawlz."...nothing more....nothing less.
We don't need to know about your personal life. Just tell us what type of suit you want.
They CAN look good on anyone. Some do make you look like an old man. Some make you look like you're trying too hard to be young. Then again, that's the case with any type of clothes.
  +1 to this. I've found that going down a size and up a width has a noticeable impact on width, but it doesn't impact the length much. I'd go into a store and try on the 6.5E and the 7E.
You're obviously still in that idealist stage. Listen, for the most part, I don't give a crap about people either, but you have to at least make them give a crap about YOU. After all, they have the things that you want (money, jobs, resources in general). The education is the most important thing (get a good major), but life really is about who you know (and who knows/likes you). When you figure that out, you'll be golden.   If that's really the way that you dress, then...
Wear what you normally wear. That's what everyone else is going to do and expect. Most of the members here are at least a few years older than you are (and boarderline obsessed with suits and shoes), so you're going to get a lot of advice that doesn't apply to you. Wear your normal clothes, whatever they are. You'll adjust as years go on.
I wouldn't call that "open a bit." That's almost half-way off of your foot, haha. Try going down by a half size and up by a width.
...will cost you, but it's probably not hard for someone who does that type of thing.
+1,000   Cliffs?
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