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I'm guessing that it's because they're already "close outs" at $149. The discounts usually don't apply to those.
  Gent's...more new pics, less bickering.
I hadn't noticed, but I'm not surprised at all. The people who receive their coats later this year are going to find a little something extra on the label.
Well, I don't get laid ALL of the time. I guess I'm not "the man" that you think that I am. The idea that it's easier to ask online is the idiotic explanation that a lot of people give. There's nothing that's "easier" about typing up a message and waiting for a response (that could take hours to receive) compared to walking over to the nearest human being and interacting. That's asinine. Sure, you may get different advice, but who are you trying to impress; real people or...
....agreed. If you have a great social life, then you don't need forums to make you feel good, and you won't care enough about forum members for them to make you feel bad/angry. The problem is that many people use the internet because they don't have a great social life. The internet gives them the chance to be more than they really are...which is why they get so invested in it.
I hear you, but this is the internet. It's where people who aren't worth shxt in real life can be kings and people who have no real social life or status can be "fan-favorites." It makes people more bold than they'd ever have the balls to be in real life. That's the way that it is in EVERY internet forum. People develop know-it-all mentalities and follow like sheep to seem knowledgeable. The people here are no different from the average internet user; they just talk about...
For a guy who wasn't coming back, you sure made your way back quickly. I love it when guys say "I'm not going to read your response" or "I'm not coming back." You know that they can't resist crawling back, lol
Place out of them.
The company rep' said that they ran out of wool and had to go with a blend. I'd predict that the grey will be a blend soon. It's already backordered from people who can't get the blue one. The grey's nice, but I'm sure that (if it was as available), most people would rather have the blue because of the movie connect. After all, if it weren't for the movie, no one would be buying the coat.
Those Thanksgiving prices look pretty weak IMO. Most of those prices are in every sale, and BB/RL have been $149 for months. This is just more proof that most Thanksgiving/Black Friday sales are nothing special. People see a sale, and they just assume that it's a special deal. You can get the same items at the same prices in July.
New Posts  All Forums: