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I bought the Brooks Newmoks (that's how it's spelled for Brooks) in snuff suede. They're great shoes. They have the partial rubber sole...very nice.
    Aaaaw snap!!!
+1 Keep things in perspective. Who's opinion do you give more weight: real people or internet guys?
I don't know of any good schools that would allow you to replace grades like that. You'd have to drop the classes ahead of time, take them as pass/fail or something that doesn't leave an actual grade on your transcript. IMO, retaking 5 classes is stupid anyway. At the school that I went to, the cost in tuition wouldn't be worth it. I never understood how someone could fxck around enough to flatout fail classes. It's damn-near impossible for anyone with sense. You must have...
Thanks for the follow-up. I guess for $99 AE's, you can't be picky about even a noticeable defect. It's a roll of the dice, but at that price....Are the BB and RL shoes $99?
Thanks for the heads up. $99 closeouts seems like a very sweet deal to me. I'll have to look into that and stay tuned.
"Tanger outlet?" Where the fxck is that located, and is it only applicable to that location?
  I haven't heard anything about a $99 special....details?
I'm guessing that it's because they're already "close outs" at $149. The discounts usually don't apply to those.
  Gent's...more new pics, less bickering.
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