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I would have waited until I saw the financial statements before I offered to switch my compensation plan.   There are pluses and minuses to the performance-based pay structure. From the companies perspective, it controls the amount of guaranteed money that they have to pay. If you perform, then you won't get paid. A related advantage (in theory) is that the people who aren't performing and aren't being paid will be unhappy and quit; the better employees will stick...
Thanks for the insight...looking forward to the fit pictures.
IMO, they're no more thin than your typical otr or mid-level retail mtm shirts. During sales, they're a good buy.
The tie width isn't bad, but those lapels are too slim for anything other than a fashion suit.
 +1 TO THAT! Selling is what keeps people out of a lot of jobs and advanced positions. If you're comfortable and effective at info-leveraging in sales and negotiation, you can go far in any field, including IT.
It's tough to be sure, but in that dim lighting, it looks ok. The lapels are too slim IMO. I'm a proponent of slim lapels, but not that slim.
Weinberg's Discount Hosiery sells them. I'm guessing that your local discount sock/underwear/t-shirt store will as well. The black nike socks are nice.
IMO, they make a guy look like a geek or an old man. Since I'm neither, I don't like them. I'm sure that you can find an example where it looks ok, but for 99% of the population, it's not going to work....ESPECIALLY if you're wearing pants instead of shorts.
The Astor and Black sales rep' in my area uses the same tailor that I do to get his suits and his customer's suits fixed. I've had a few chats with him. I gather that a big part of their draw is the home/office visits; they make wannabes feel like big-timers...which isn't a bad idea. The actual product isn't any better or worse than your typical, mediocre mtm. It's just more pricey.
New Posts  All Forums: