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IMO, they make a guy look like a geek or an old man. Since I'm neither, I don't like them. I'm sure that you can find an example where it looks ok, but for 99% of the population, it's not going to work....ESPECIALLY if you're wearing pants instead of shorts.
The Astor and Black sales rep' in my area uses the same tailor that I do to get his suits and his customer's suits fixed. I've had a few chats with him. I gather that a big part of their draw is the home/office visits; they make wannabes feel like big-timers...which isn't a bad idea. The actual product isn't any better or worse than your typical, mediocre mtm. It's just more pricey.
...sounds like half-canvassed. Why didn't you request full-canvassing?
Only click "Submit" once. Then, wait for the message to load...solves the problem pretty quickly
I hate to break it to you, but short-sleeved button down shirts look pretty lame on 99% of the population, hahaha
No, I don't think that they'll stretch, and if they do, you won't want to wear them. On another note, every guy who lifts weights claims that his legs are huge. Generally, they aren't. I'd re-evaluate that before buying a new wardrobe.
I graduated undergrad with a guy, who went on to get his MSW. He's not making $55K per year, so congrat's to you.
+1 to this.
Assuming that it's not too hot, a 3-piece suit can be a good choice. If it's too hot, just don't wear the vest. Considering the limitations from those pictures, the suit doesn't look bad. Don't wear that plaid shirt. Where what's in your first picture or something similar to it.
+1 to the underlined part. People go to college immediately after high school because it's the "right" thing to do, so a lot of them go through those 4 years without any real direction...just because it's what they're "supposed to do." If people worked for a few years before going to college, I think that they'd get more out of it.   That was definitely the case for me when I went back to school for my MBA. I went to college because it was the "right" thing to do. After...
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