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Wearing the boots (almost) every day for nearly a year is a bad idea...unless you don't mind buying new shoes/soles regularly. Whoever said "wear the hell out of them. They're boots you idiot" gave you shxtty advice.
haha...What are the subway platforms made of in NYC? Aren't they finished with a smooth surface?
I've only been keeping up with them since the summer, but I've never seen them at more than $149. Maybe it's like JAB's suits "usually" being $1,000.
Yes, success means having a scheduled interview date and time. Without that, you've got a "maybe" at best. That's better than a "no," but it's still not a success. It's not a "bad" end to the interview, but it's not a great one either.
As far as I can tell, they're always $149. That's not a sale price.
Hopefully, your dad's still around. Why don't you ask him. Also, why not do an online search for peacoats with zebra linings? You'd probably get a hit because that doesn't sound normal.
What the fxck's that on your mirror?
Is "vintage" just another word for "thrifted" or "used" in this thread?
Why didn't you ask BEFORE handing over the cheddar?
In general, made-to-order only means that they don't have a stock of them sitting around. They make the item in the pre-set style when you order it. It's like ordering food from a place that starts cooking when you order but won't change the ingredients. Custom usually means that you have more freedom to adjust the style.
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