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I refuse to answer before I've seen pictures of this "sharp" masterpiece.
Why buy black shoes for a "business-casual" environment? That's an invitation to introduce color.
Unless you're trying out for a bowling team, you don't need that bag.
On a related note, Leather Honey for the win!
...more details on the back-story?
1) Ask a question that you know the answer to but don't agree with. 2) Get defensive when the expected answer is given. 3) Use philosophical rant to defy logic (How much extra effort does it REALLY take?)
It was 30% last year, and their shirt patterns are nothing special right now. I'm out this year.
It looks like the buttoning point is too high and the jacket is too short...can't tell much more than that.
Some of this isn't true for more reasons that I want to go into. You've already made up your mind, so to each her/his own. Yes, as stated, the advice presented was absolutely shxtty. I can't speak about any extra advice that may or may not have been given.
New Posts  All Forums: