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You're trying to hard bro'....you're trying too hard.
If you believe that, then you must be here strictly for the lawlz because that's the exact opposite of what happens on SF
    ....classic examples forum-babble and group-think. I can guarantee you that the brand name and retailer are the main reasons for those reactions. If the shoes were from a brand that's more popular here, these people either wouldn't have posted a comment or they would have written something timid and conservative, like "They're alright. The toe's just not my style."
In a pedantic, round-about way, you said the same thing that I did. That's usually what happens when someone's just trying to rationalize their tastes. Character development is great; it's what makes people tune in over and over again. Still, it doesn't change the way that they get to the character development...which is by giving the main characters "superpowers" so that they can skip the hardwork and get to the soap opera, haha. That's how most primetime tv shows...
  ...agreed 100% with both of you guys. If it was just like real life, it wouldn't stay on tv. I wasn't saying that it should be. I was just pointing out that it follows the same plot as every other show on tv:   1) The show's about a law firm (or a hospital or office) to give it a serious tone and cover up the fact that it's just a soap opera. 2) It's almost completely focused on everything other than actual work issues (clothes, sex, money). 3) In the rare instance...
How much is he charging you to "take in the shoulders?"   It's tough to judge the length or shoulder fit with that pose and camera angle.
VERY nice. Enjoy.
They let you sign up, so...question answered.
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