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Unless they replaced that $20k with a reasonable commission structure, that's outrageous. I would have started looking for another job immediately. Hopefully, she hasn't just been spinning the wheels there and has added some meaningful accomplishments/skills to her resume.   I've said it before, and I'll say it again; retail is for suckers. I don't care what the company is. It's monkey work.
On its own, 50 hours isn't a lot, but going from 30-35 hours per week to 50+ is a big deal. IMO, the increase in pay isn't nearly enough for me to add 15+ hours to my work week (before commute time). I guess once you get to a certain pay level and number of hours, it's just not worth it anymore. At 30-35 hours/week, the amount of personal time is worth more than a few thousand dollar, but that's just one man's opinion.   As far as your goals go, you just have to pick...
When a manager says that he's not happy with your performance, you're already in a shxtty position. When you respond by saying that the job has been a "waste of time," you're in an even more shxtty position because it tells everyone that you've been slacking off and underperforming on purpose. That reflects pretty poorly on you, so you probably shouldn't expect to get a letter of recommendation (regardless of what they tell you right now). Offering to let you stay was...
Thanks...looking forward to it
+1 to this
You're trying to hard bro'....you're trying too hard.
If you believe that, then you must be here strictly for the lawlz because that's the exact opposite of what happens on SF
    ....classic examples forum-babble and group-think. I can guarantee you that the brand name and retailer are the main reasons for those reactions. If the shoes were from a brand that's more popular here, these people either wouldn't have posted a comment or they would have written something timid and conservative, like "They're alright. The toe's just not my style."
In a pedantic, round-about way, you said the same thing that I did. That's usually what happens when someone's just trying to rationalize their tastes. Character development is great; it's what makes people tune in over and over again. Still, it doesn't change the way that they get to the character development...which is by giving the main characters "superpowers" so that they can skip the hardwork and get to the soap opera, haha. That's how most primetime tv shows...
New Posts  All Forums: