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You weren't "mocked for taking pride in wanting to look nice." That's a self-serving rationalization. You were mocked because, by your own admission, no one (including you) usually dresses that way, so you stood out like a sore thumb.   You can keep trying to spin it to make it seem like your co-workers just don't get it, but a big part of being well-dressed is being context-appropriate. There's a lot of space between jeans-and-a-t-shirt and a suit. Find the sweet spot or...
It's your school picture. You tell us.
Well, since it's been bumped, the stereotypical styleforum member...   ...uses the phrase, "I'm in the market for" A LOT because he thinks that it sounds sophisticated. ...assumes that anyone who doesn't use Styleforum rules doesn't know better...forget about personal taste. ...proves that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.
Only you know what it's worth to you, so only you can decide whether or not you overpaid.
LOL! They airbrushed his hairline!!!!! LOL!!!!!!
Wow. So it's true; eventually, every thread topic DOES come up again.
...fixed that for you.
  I didn't read the post, but when I saw the title, I literally lol'ed. OP's obviously a troll. Anyone who uses the term "orphaned suit jacket" knows the deal.
Unless they replaced that $20k with a reasonable commission structure, that's outrageous. I would have started looking for another job immediately. Hopefully, she hasn't just been spinning the wheels there and has added some meaningful accomplishments/skills to her resume.   I've said it before, and I'll say it again; retail is for suckers. I don't care what the company is. It's monkey work.
On its own, 50 hours isn't a lot, but going from 30-35 hours per week to 50+ is a big deal. IMO, the increase in pay isn't nearly enough for me to add 15+ hours to my work week (before commute time). I guess once you get to a certain pay level and number of hours, it's just not worth it anymore. At 30-35 hours/week, the amount of personal time is worth more than a few thousand dollar, but that's just one man's opinion.   As far as your goals go, you just have to pick...
New Posts  All Forums: