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Posts by VinnyMac I said...a self-serving rationalization. I had THIS ^^^ very type of response in mind while I was typing my post. Damn, you're predictable.   If the office was filled with ties (by choice, not by requirement), and someone showed up wearing jeans and a graphic tshirt, you'd have started a thread about that dumb@ss guy who didn't get it, but since it's you who's on the outside, you spin it to make it seem like everyone else has it wrong and shouldn't "create a...
You weren't "mocked for taking pride in wanting to look nice." That's a self-serving rationalization. You were mocked because, by your own admission, no one (including you) usually dresses that way, so you stood out like a sore thumb.   You can keep trying to spin it to make it seem like your co-workers just don't get it, but a big part of being well-dressed is being context-appropriate. There's a lot of space between jeans-and-a-t-shirt and a suit. Find the sweet spot or...
It's your school picture. You tell us.
Well, since it's been bumped, the stereotypical styleforum member...   ...uses the phrase, "I'm in the market for" A LOT because he thinks that it sounds sophisticated. ...assumes that anyone who doesn't use Styleforum rules doesn't know better...forget about personal taste. ...proves that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.
Only you know what it's worth to you, so only you can decide whether or not you overpaid.
LOL! They airbrushed his hairline!!!!! LOL!!!!!!
Wow. So it's true; eventually, every thread topic DOES come up again.
...fixed that for you.
  I didn't read the post, but when I saw the title, I literally lol'ed. OP's obviously a troll. Anyone who uses the term "orphaned suit jacket" knows the deal.
Unless they replaced that $20k with a reasonable commission structure, that's outrageous. I would have started looking for another job immediately. Hopefully, she hasn't just been spinning the wheels there and has added some meaningful accomplishments/skills to her resume.   I've said it before, and I'll say it again; retail is for suckers. I don't care what the company is. It's monkey work.
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