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They're WAAAAY too tight for my taste, but I know that some people wear them that way. If you're going for a "skater kid" look, then you're on the money.
Purse strap slip-ons?
+1 to this. I'm in the moderate/significant category. Tom's "significant suppression" picture is really just tight across the button.
      I looked this up immediately after OP's second post.
This is hilarious and applies to a lot of what's circulated here. It really comes down to whether you think that there's value in the "rules" or not. Some people will get upset and defensive/indignant; those are the people who take it too seriously.
If you have to stare, then it's not "noticeable." If you want pristine shoes, then stop cheaping out for seconds.
You're not the first person to make up a scenario to "win" an online discussion, and you surely won't be the last. At the same time, I'm sure that this isn't your first time doing it, and it won't be your last.
Agreed. I would have just called OP an idiot, but the subtext would have been this exact comment.
The second one. The first one's wack.
In before Dumb Threads
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