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You seem jelly
    $300?...whatchu smokin' bro'?
Girls gossip behind each others' backs about that type of thing. Guys do the same thing, but they bro' it up by half-jokingly criticizing each other.
    +1 to this. They probably run half-off sales every other month. This is just a gimmick for guys, like OP, who don't know better.
The underlined is my point, so I agree completely . The problem is that the people who regularly quote that adage DON'T have much awareness and are just quoting it to justify overdressing. Using the adage as a guide is fine, but when you have to use it as an excuse, you've gone too far. Someone with social awareness and grace would realize that he was overdressed and adjust.
LOL! The first part of that comment is hilarious....the second part is just a nice way of saying "I was afraid of the fight that may come afterwards."
Like most old, trite adages, that's stupid advice. That's an easy to remember tip for drones. For reasonable people, making a show of yourself and rubbing your peers and immediate supervisors the wrong way isn't worth it. People who overdress generally don't have the social awareness or grace to balance things out and avoid giving the wrong impression (see OP's line of questions). They dress ackwardly because they are, you guessed it, ackward. You have to find the...
This is an entertaining analysis. Thanks for sharing.  
....agreed 100%. This anti-purple commentary is asinine. It doesn't have anything to do with "classic" menswear.   OP, what are you going to wear the shirt with?
...for the Oval Office? Yes....for your business office? No...
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