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...pretty sure he's trolling...at least, I hope so.
Yellow ties with a simple pattern are appropriate in almost any environment. I like the look of a yellow tie with a medium/dark grey suit.
Unless what?
They're alright, but I don't like them enough to pay that price.
+1 to this.
I've never heard of anyone looking forward to an item being re-released so that he can purchase it as seconds. You must not want it THAT much.
Typical progression...   1) Ask for advice 2) Get a response...but not the one that you want 3) Disregard advice. Do what you were planning to do from the beginning
That is UGLY!!!   They're cookie-cutter, ready-to-wear shoes; every brand/model isn't going to fit everyone perfectly. You can either live with it or try a different brand/model of rtw.
How about contacting the blogger who you stole it from?...common sense seems to come at a premium these days.
You seem jelly
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