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See the below. I agree with you. Anyone who's still paying $700 for those is nuts IMO. I got mine during the very first re-run. Back then, it was supposed to be a limited re-release. When they went back on that and started churning them out, things started going to pieces. Since then, they've made some note-worthy changes to the materials used with absolutely no forewarning for those who'd already placed orders, and I've read plenty of quality control complaints. The Bond...
That's one of the most hilarious things that I've seen in a while. I'm not sure if this is serious or not, but thanks for the lawlz.
On a 5'4" guy, does a skinny tie look skinny?
Buy a shirt with a larger neck measurement. You can have the body slimmed by a tailor.These types of hit or miss issues are why I stopped buying ready-to-wear dress shirts. When the alterations are done, you'll probably have paid the same amount that you would for a made-to-measure dress shirt.
Snuff suede neumoks would be my vote.
Lurk more before you jump into buying a "more adult wardrobe" (whatever that means). If you don't, then you're going to get carried away and waste a lot of money.   The last link didn't lead to anything. I don't have a preference between the first two. Are you going to wear them more with suits or jeans?
That's what you think until your obsessive shoe spending pushes her into letting some other guy slip her the old Pringle can.
Wow! That left boot is fxcked up. No one's going to look closely enough at your feet to notice, but damn...Is that the "before" or "after" shot?
 It's a much better product IMO. I have at least half of a bottle of AE conditioner/cleaner left over because I stopped using it. Compared to LH, I think that calling it a "conditioner" is very generous. Not to mention, it stripped a little of the color off of some of my shoes. LH didn't.  Again, in my experience, it doesn't darken leather at all. You have to let it sit through the night. It's quite a bit thicker than other conditioners, so it's no surprise that it takes a...
I've used it mainly on shoes and boots (AE and other). I'm not sure what the active ingredients are, but I highly recommend it. It makes even dry leather boots feel as smooth and soft as can be. I let them sit through the night and wipe them a bit in the morning. I've never noticed any darkening. It's the best conditioner that I've tried.
New Posts  All Forums: